JRR 27 June

JRR 270621



Artist               Lester Young

Title                I Want To Be Happy

Composer       Caesar / Youmans

Album             Lester Young Story

Label               Proper

Number          Properbox 8, CD 3 Track 21

Duration         3.57

Performers: Nat Cole, p;  Lester Young, ts;  Buddy Rich, d. Dec 1945



Artist               Stan Kenton

Title                The Big Chase

Composer       Marty Paich

Album             Back To Balboa

Label               Solar

Number          4569906 Track 1

Duration         4.21

Performers    Sam Noto, Jules Chaiken, Billy Catalani, Lee Katzman, Phil Gilbert, t; Bob Fitzpatrick, Archie LeCoque, Kent Larsen, Jim Amlotte, Ken Shroyer, tb; Vince Derosa, Jimmy Decker, frh; Lennie Niehaus, Bill Perkins, Bill Robinson, Richie Kamuca, Steve Perlow, rees; Stan Kenton, p; Red Kelly, b; Jerry McKenzie, d. 20 Jan 1958.



Artist               Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald

Title                Love Is Here To Stay

Composer       George & Ira Gershwin

Album             Ella and Louis Complete Norman Granz Recordings

Label               One

Number          59805 CD 2 Track 12

Duration         4.00

Performers    Ella Fitzgerald, v; Louis Armstrong, t, v; Oscar Peterson, p; Herb Ellis, g; Ray Brown, b; Louie Bellson, d. 1957.



Artist               George Lewis and Louis Nelson with Barry Martyn

Title                The Eyes of Texas

Composer       Sinclair

Album             George Lewis and Louis Nelson with Barry Martyn

Label               GHB

Number          BCD 259 Track 8

Duration         4.05

Performers    Cuff Billett, t; George Lewis, cl; Louis Nelson, tb; Graham Patterson, p; Brian Turnock, b; Barry Martyn, d. 1966




Artist               John Petters

Title                I’ll See You in My Dreams

Composer       Isham Jones, Gus Kahn

Album             Keepin’ Out of Mischief

Label               Rose

Number          1027 Track 2

Duration         3.12

Performers    Cuff Billett t; Trevor Whiting, cl, sax; Nick Dawson p; Andy Kuč, g; Keith Donald, b; John Petters, d. 15 April 2002



Artist               Jenny Green

Title                Don’t Sleep In The Subway

Composer       Jackie Trent / Tony Hatch

Album             Always and Forever

Label               Jennygreensings

Number          JG002 Track 1

Duration         3.00

Performers    Jenny Green, v; Adrian York, p; Neville Malcolm, b; Winston Clifford, d. 2021



Artist               Erroll Garner

Title                Stompin’ At The Savoy

Composer       Razaf, Goodman, Webb, Sampson

Album             Plays Misty

Label               Naxos

Number          8.120771 Track 1

Duration         2.21

Performers    Erroll Garner, p; Wyatt Ruther, b; Fats Heard, d. 1953.



Artist               Dill Jones

Title                Carolina Shout

Composer       James P Johnson

Album             Too Hot – Best of British Jazz

Label               Castle Music

Number          CMETD 992 CD 1 Track 18

Duration         2.57

Performers    Dill Jones, p; Malcolm Cecil, b; Danny Craig, d.  13 Oct 1957.




Artist               Duke Ellington / Count Basie

Title                One More Once

Composer       Ellington

Album             First Time!

Label               Columbia

Number          65571 Track 9

Duration         3.27

Performers    Cat Anderson, Eddie Mullins, Snooky Young, Fats Ford, Lonnie Johnson, Sonny Cohn, Thad Jones, Willie Cook, Ray Nance, t; Juan Tizol, Bennie Powell, Henry Coker, Lawrence Brown, Louis Blackburn, Quentin Jackson, tb; Jimmy Hamilton, Marshall Royal, Johnny Hodges, Russell Procope, Paul Gonsalves, Budd Johnson, Frank Foster, Frank Wess, Charlie Fowlkes, Harry Carney, reeds; Duke Ellington, Count Basie, p; Freddie Green, g; Aaron Bell, Eddie Jones, b; Sonny Payne, Sam Woodyard, d. 6 July 1961



Artist               Camilla Gorge

Title                How Nehemiah Got Free

Composer       George

Album             The People Could Fly

Label               Ubuntu

Number          0015 Track 3

Duration         4.34

Performers: Camilla George, as; Sarah Tandy, elp; Daniel Casimir, b; Winston Clifford, d. 2018




Artist               John Coltrane

Title                My Favorite Things

Composer       Rodgers / Hammerstein

Album             Heavyweight Champion

Label               Rhino

Number          8122796427 CD 4 Track 3

Duration         First 6.00 or so

Performers    John Coltrane, ss; McCoy Tyner, p; Steve Davis, b; Elvin Jones, d. 21 Oct 1960




Artist               Miles Davis

Title                Water Babies

Composer       Wayne Shorter

Album             Water Babies

Label               Columbia

Number          PC 34396 Track 1

Duration         5.06

Performers    Miles Davis, t; Wayne Shorter, reeds; Herbie Hancock, p; Ron Carter, b; Tony Williams, d. 1967



Artist               Carmen McRae

Title                It’s Over Now

Composer       Thelonious Monk / Mike Ferro

Album             Carmen Sings Monk

Label               RCA

Number          88985407272Track 3

Duration         5.24

Performers    Carmen McRae, v; Clifford Jordan, ts; Eric Gunnison, p; George Mraz, b; Al Foster, d. 1988.