JRR 20 June

JRR 200621



Artist               Miles Davis

Title                Chance It

Composer       Oscar Pettiford

Album             Miles Davis Vol 1

Label               Blue Note

Number          CDP 7 81501 2 Track 3

Duration         3.05

Performers    Miles Davis, t; J J Johnson, tb; Jackie McLean, as; Gil Coggins, p; Oscar Pettiford, b; Kenny Clarke, d. 9 May 1952



Artist               Jake Hanna

Title                Look For The Silver Lining

Composer       DeSylva / Kern

Album             The Joint Is Jumpin’

Label               Arbors

Number          19148 Track 6

Duration         6.17

Performers    Jack Sheldon, t, v; Tommy Newsom, ts; John Allred, tb; Ross Tomkins, p; David Stone, b; Jake Hanna, d. 1998.



Artist               Nina Simone

Title                Tomorrow Is My Turn

Composer       Aznavour, Stephane, Stellman

Album             I Put A Spell On You

Label               Philips

Number          600-172 Track 2

Duration         2.42

Performers    Nina Simone, v, p; Rudy Stevenson, g; Orchestra directed by Horace Ott, 1965




Artist               Stanley Turrentine

Title                Blues in Hoss’ Flat

Composer       Count Basie, Frank Foster

Album             A Chip Off The Old Block

Label               Blue Note

Number          84150 Track 3

Duration         6.42

Performers    Blue Mitchell, t; Stanley Turrentine, ts; Shirley Scott, org; Earl May, b; Al Harewood, d. Oct 1963.



Artist               Fawkes / Turner Sextet

Title                Fishmouth

Composer       Wally Fawkes

Album             Takin It Easy

Label               London

Number          1122 Track 2

Duration         6.36

Performers    Wally Fawkes, cl; Bruce Turner, as; Johnny Parker, p; Freddy Legon, g; Micky Ashman, b; Ron Bowden, d. 3 Aug 1954.



Artist               Humphrey Lyttelton

Title                The Onions

Composer       Sidney Bechet

Album             Classic Live Concerts

Label               Lake

Number          253 CD 1 Track 19

Duration         4.45 [ends on applause]

Performers    Humphrey Lyttelton, t; John Picard, tb; Wally Fawkes, cl; Bruce Turner, as; Johnny Parker, p; Freddy Legon, g; Micky Ashman, b; George Hopkinson, d. 28 Nov 1954.



Artist               Jimmie Lunceford

Title                Bug’s Parade

Composer       Billy Moore

Album             Powerhouse Swing

Label               Parade

Number          2012 Track 12

Duration         2.30

Personnel: Eddie Thomkins, Paul Webster, Sy Oliver, trumpet; Elmer Crumbly, Russell Bowles, Eddie Durham, trombone; Willie Smith, Laforet Dent, Joe Thomas, Earl Carruthers, Dan Grissom, saxes; Ed Wilcox, piano; Al Norris, guitar; Moses Allen, double bass; Jimmie Crawford, drums; Jimmie Lunceford, leader, Rec: 1940



Artist               Jo Harrop

Title                I’ve Got my Red Mary Janes and a Brand New Hat

Composer       Jo Harrop, Hannah Vasanth, Natalie Williams

Album             single

Label               Lateralize

Number          LR011A

Duration         3.35

Performers     Jo Harrop, v; Jason Rebello (Piano), Troy Miller (Drums), Jihad Darwish (Bass), Jamie McCredie (Guitar)



Artist               Fats Waller

Title                My Fate Is In Your Hands

Composer       Waller

Album             The Fats Waller Piano Solos: Turn on The Heat

Label               Bluebird

Number          ND82482(2) CD 2 Track 2

Duration         2.41

Performers    Fats Waller, p. 4 Dec 1929



Artist               Earl Hines

Title                My Fate Is In Your Hands

Composer       Waller

Album             Classic Earl Hines Sessions 1928-1945

Label               Mosaic

Number          254 CD 7 Track 19

Duration         2.57

Performers    Earl Hines, p; Al Casey, g; Oscar Pettiford, b. 26 Feb 1944.



Artist               John Scofield

Title                Do Like Eddie

Composer       Scofield

Album             Hand Jive

Label               Blue Note

Number          Track 3

Duration         8.06

Performers    Eddie Harris, ts; John Scofield, g; Larry Goldings, org; Dennis Irwin, b; Bill Stewart, d; Don Alias, perc. Oct 1993.



Artist               Stan Tracey Big Brass

Title                In A Sentimental Mood

Composer       Ellington / Mills / Kurtz

Album             From Stan With Love

Label               Resteamed

Number          RSJ 115 CD 2 Track 7

Duration         4.07

Performers    Joe Harriott, as; with Stan Tracey, p; Derek Watkins, Kenny Baker, Paul Tungay, Eddie Blair, Les Condon, t; Keith Christie, Chris Pyne, Don Lusher, Bobby Lamb, Chris Smith, tb; Lennie Bush, b; Barry Morgan, d. August 1968.