JRR 19 March




JRR 190316



Artist                        Six and Seven Eighths Band

Title                        Clarinet Marmalade

Composer            La Rocca / Shields

Album                        Classic Sounds of New Orleans

Label                        Smithsonian Folkways

Number            40183 Track 14

Duration             2.06

Performers: William Kleppinger, mand; Bernie Shields, steel g; Red Mackie, b; Ed Souchon, g. 1954.



Artist                        Buck Clayton

Title                        Out of Nowhere

Composer            Young / Collins / Basie

Album                        Green / Heyman

Label                        Lonehill Jazz

Number            10115 CD 3 Track 4

Duration             7.07

Performers            Buck Clayton, t; Ruby Braff, c; Bennie Green, Dick Harris, tb; Buddy Tate, Coleman Hawkins, ts; Al Waslohn, p; Steve Jordan, g; Milt Hinton, b; Jo Jones, d. 15 March 1955



Artist                        Bix Beiderbecke

Title                        Sorry

Composer            Quicksell

Album                        In A Mist

Label                        Phoenix

Number            131535 Track 17

Duration             2.59

Performers: BIx Beiderbecke, c; Bill Rank, tb; Don Murray, cl; Adrian Rollini, bsx; Frank Signorelli, p; Chauncey Morehouse, d; 25 Oct 1927.



Artist                        Benny Carter

Title                        Isn’t It Romantic

Composer            Rodgers / Hart

Album                        1948-52

Label                        Classics

Number            1297 Track 11

Duration             3.43

Performers:            Benny Carter, as; Oscar Peterson, p; Barney Kessell, g; Ray Brown, b; Buddy Rich, d; unidentified strings; Aug 1952.





Artist                        Erroll Garner

Title                        I’ll Remember April

Composer            DePaul / Johnstone, Raye

Album                        Concert By The Sea

Album                        The Complete Concert By The Sea

Label                        Columbia Legacy

Number            88875120842 CD 1 Track 1

Duration             4.14

Performers            Erroll Garner, p; Eddie Calhoun, b; Denzil Best, d.



Artist                        Ken Colyer

Title                        Make me A Pallet on the Floor

Composer            trad

Album                        1966

Label                        Lake

Number            285 Track 11

Duration             10.28

Performers: Ken Colyer, , v; Tony Pyke, cl; Geoff Cole, tb; John Bastable, bj; Bill Cole, b; Bryan Hetherington, d. autumn 1966.



Artist                        Coleman Hawkins

Title                        Body and Soul

Composer            Heyman, Green ,Sour

Album                        Body and Soul

Label                        Marshall Cavendish

Number            021 Track 12

Duration             3.00

Performers            Coleman Hawkins, ts; Tommy Lindsay, Joe Guy, t; Jackie Fields, Eustace Moore, reeds; Gene Rodgers, p; Oscar Smith, b, Art Herbert, d. 11 Oct 1939.



Artist                        Max Roach

Title                        Almost Like Me

Composer            Hasaan Ibn Ali

Album                        Max Roach Trio with the Legendary Hasaan

Label                        Atlantic

Number            1435 Track 4

Duration             6.39

Performers: Hasaan Ibn Ali, p; Art Davis, b; Max Roach d. Dec 1964



Artist                        NYJO

Title                        High Speed Gas

Composer            Woodman

Album                        In Control

Label                        Ronnie Scott’s Jazz House

Number            041 Track 1

Duration             4.17

Performers: Andy Cuss, Brad Mason, Neil Yates, Jim Lynch, Olly Preece, t; Adrian Hallowell, Elliott Mason, Jeremy Price, Malcolm Smith, Mark Penny, tb; Lis Graham, Howard McGill, Jim Tomlinson, James Hunt, Mick Foster, reeds; Simon Carter, p; Andy Jones, g; Mark Ong, b; Chris Dagley, d. 1994.



Artist                        Simon Bates

Title                        Well You Needn;t

Composer            Monk

Album                        And all because

Label                        ?

Number            Track 2

Duration             4.10

Performers: Simon Bates – Clarinet; John Etheridge – Guitar; Rob Statham – Bass; Mike Bradley – Drums



Artist                        Bob Florence

Title                        Jewels


Album                        Trash Can City

Label                        Trend

Number            545 Track 3

Duration             5.21

Performers: Bob Florence Big Band.