Easter JRR

JRR 260316



Artist                        Miles Davis

Title                        Miles Runs The Voodoo Down

Composer            Davis

Album                        Bitches Brew The Singles

Label                        Columbia

Number            CSK 41588 Track 2

Duration             2.49

Performers            Miles Davis, t; Wayne Shorter, ss; Bennie Maupin, bcl; Chick Corea, Larry Young, kb; John McLaughlin, g; Dave Holland, Harvey Brooks, b; Lenny White Jack DeJohnette, d; Don Alias, Jumma Santos, perc. 20 Aug 1969



Artist                        Keith Jarrett / Charlie Haden

Title                        Don’t Ever Leave Me

Composer            Hammerstein / Kern

Album                        Jasmine

Label                        ECM

Number            2165 Track 8

Duration             3.11

Performers            Keith Jarrett, p; Charlie Haden, b; rec 2007.



Artist                         Billie Holiday

Title                        Without Your Love

Composer            Lange / Stryker

Album                        Billie Holiday and Lester Young Complete Studio Recordings

Label                        Essential Jazz Classics

Number            55683 CD 1 Track 17

Duration             2.55

Performers            Buck Clayton, t; Ed Hall, c; Lester Young, ts; James Sherman, p; Freddie Green, g; Walter Page, b; Jo Jones, d. 15 June 1937.



Artist                        Bruce Turner

Title                        Jump

Composer            Turner

Album                        Accent on Swing

Label                        Lake

Number            310 CD 2 Track 7

Duration             3.04

Performers: John Chilton, t; John Mumford, tb; Bruce Turner, as; Collin Bates, p; Jim Bray, b; Johnny Armitage, d. Feb 1961.



Artist                        Chilton Fawkes Feetwarmers

Title                        Willie The Weeper

Composer            Rymal / Bloom/ Melrose

Album                        The Melody Maker Tribute to Louis Armstrong

Label                        Black Lion

Number            LP 2 Side 2 Track 2

Duration             5.30

Performers            John Chilton, t; Wally Fawkes, cl, ss; Bruce Turner, as; Colin Parnell, p; Steve Fagg, b; Chuck Smith, d. 4 July 1970



Artist                        George Melly

Title                        Nobody’s Sweetheart Now

Composer            Myers, Schoebel, Kahn, Erdman

Album                        Many Moods of Melly

Label                        PRT

Number            6550 Side 1 Track 3

Duration             circa 5.00

Performers: George Melly, vocal; John Chilton, t; Collin Bates [piano], Kenny Baldock [bass] and Chuck Smith [drums] 1984



Artist                        Fats Waller

Title                        Spring Cleaning

Composer            Samulls, Whitcup

Album                        Handful of Keys

Label                        Proper

Number            Properbox 71 CD 3 Track 18

Duration             2.29

Performers            Herman Autrey, t; Gene Sedric, ts; Fats Waller, p; Al Casey, g; Charles Tuner, b; Slick Jones, d. 18 March 1937.



Artist                        Dave Brubeck

Title                        The Way You You Look Tonight

Composer            Kern / Fields

Album                        Time Was

Label                        Proper

Number            Propebox 90 CD 4 Track 1

Duration             7.48

Performers            Paul Desmond, as; Dave Brubeck, p; Ron Crotty, b; Lloyd Davis, d; 2 March 1953.



Artist                        Lee Morgan

Title                        I Remember Clifford

Composer            Golson

Album                        Vol 3

Label                        Blue Note

Number            1557 Side 2 Track 1

Duration             5.43

Performers: Lee Morgan, t; Benny Golson, ts; Gigi Gryce, as; Wynton Kelly, p; Paul Chambers, b; Charlie Persip, d. 24 Mar 1957



Artist                        Ella Fitzgerald

Title                        September Song

Composer            Weill

Album                        Intimate Ella

Label                        Verve

Number            839838-2 Track 9

Duration             3.40

Performers: Ella Fitzgerald, v; Paul Smith, p. 1960



Artist                        Emil Viklicky

Title                        Buhaina

Composer            Ray Brown

Album                        Live in Vienna

Label                        Cube/Metier

Number            2945 Track 7

Duration             5.59

Performers: Emil Viklicky piano;
 Frantisek Uhlir double bass; 
Laco Tropp drums; 27 April 2007



Artist                        Art Pepper

Title                        Our Song

Composer            Pepper

Album                        Winter Moon

Label                        Galaxy

Number            5140 Track 1

Duration             5.32

Performers: Art Pepper, as; Howard Roberts, g; Stanley Cowell, p; Cecil McBee, b; Carl Burnett, d; strings, cond. Bill Holman. 1981.