JRR 25 April

JRR 25 April 2015 – NB late start time 9pm.



Artist                        Gene Krupa

Title                        Swedish Schnapps

Composer            Shavers

Album                        Gene Krupa 1953-54

Label                        Classics

Number            1433 Track 6

Duration             3.10

Performers            Charlie Shavers. t; Bill Harris tb; Ben Webster, ts; Teddy Wilson, p; Herb Ellis, g; Ray Brown, b; Gene Krupa, d, 10 Sep 1953.



Artist                        Kevin Figes

Title                        Scrap Board

Composer            Figes

Album                        Table and Chairs

Label                        Pig

Number            04 Track 3

Duration             6.36

Performers            Kevin Figes, as; Jom Blomfield, p; Will Harris, b; Mark Whitlam, d. 2013.



Artist                        Jim Galloway and Art Hodes

Title                        Doing the new lowdown

Composer            Fields / McHugh

Album                        Live from Toronto’s Café Des Copains

Label                        Music & Arts

Number            4610 Track 6

Duration             5.44 in at 0.12; out on applause at 5.35: total dur: 5.23.

Performers: Jim Galloway, ss; Art Hodes, p.



Artist                        Cow Cow Davenport

Title                        Cow Cow Blues

Composer            Davenport

Album                        Roll Em

Label                        Proper

Number            Properbox 177 CD 1 Track 2

Duration             3.04

Performers            Cow Cow Davenport, p; 29 Dec 1928.




Artist                        Mick Mulligan

Title                        Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to me

Composer            Morgan

Album                        Best of BBC Jazz Club Vol 8

Label                        Upbeat

Number            172 Track 18

Duration             2.56

Performers: Mick Mulligan, t; Ian Christie, cl; Frank Parr, tb; Bill Bramwell, g; Ronnie Duff, p; Alan Duddington, b; Pete Appleby, d. 1958.




Artist                        Kid Ory

Title                        Maryland

Composer            trad

Album                        Kid Ory 1922-47

Label                        Document

Number            1002 Track 19

Duration             2.12

Performers            Andrew Blakeney, t; Kid Ory, tb; Joe Darensbourg, cl; Buster Wilson, p; Bud Scott, g; Ed Garland, b; Minor Hall, d 9 Aug 1947.



Artist                        Billie Holiday

Title                        They Can’t Take That Away From Me

Composer            Gershwin

Album                        The Ben Webster / Harry Edison Sessions

Label                        Lonehill

Number            10355 CD 2 Track 8

Duration             4.12

Performers: Harry Edison, t; Ben Webster, ts; Jimmy Rowles, p; Barney Kessell, g; Red Mitchell, b; Larry Bunker, d.



Artist                        Dave Brubeck

Title                        Some Day My Prince Will Come

Composer            Morey, Churchill

Album                        Three Classic Albums PLus

Label                        Avid

Number            1002 CD 1 Track 5

Duration             8.20

Performers: Dave Brubeck, p; Paul Desmond, as; Norman Bates, b; Joe Morello, d. 30 June 1957.



Artist                        John Stubblefield

Title                        Counting on the Blues

Composer            Stubblefield

Album                        Counting on the Blues

Label                        Enja

Number            Track 6

Duration             7.33

Performers: John Stubblefield, ts; Hamiett Bluiett, bars; Mulgrew Miller, p; Charnett Moffett , b; Victor Lewis, d. 1987.




Artist                        Martin Taylor

Title                        Skylark

Composer            Carmichael

Album                        Freternity

Label                        P3 Music

Number            16, track 3

Duration             6.01

Performers: Martin Taylor, g; David Newton, kb; Ewan Vernal, b; Steve Brown, d. 2007



Artist                        Gong

Title                        Master Builder

Composer            Gong

Album                        You

Label                        Virgin

Number            2019 Track 4

Duration             6.06 [too long, but suggest we fade in at about 2.00 into track on saxophone solo, so total dur is 4.06]

Performers            Daevid Allen, v, g; Didier Malherbe, reeds; Steve Hillage, guitar, Pierre Moerlain, d; Mike Howlett, b; Tim Blake, synth; Mireille Bauer, perc. 1974