JRR 18 April

JRR 180415



Artist                        Stanley Turrentine

Title                        Look Out

Composer            Turrentine

Album                        Look Out

Label                        Blue Note

Number            Track 1

Duration             7.07

Performers: Stanley Turrentine, ts; Horace Parlan p; George Tucker, b; Al Harewood, d. 18 June 1960.




Artist                        Walsall Jazz Orchestra

Title                        Hassan’s Dream

Composer            Benny Golson

Album                        Little Feet

Label                        WJO

Number            CD 0007 Track 2

Duration             6.29

Performers: Trumpets: Kaye McIntosh, Paul Bennett, Karen Blakemore, Henzie Miller, Jamie Wilkin
; Trombones: Helen Miller, Sue Hughes, Paul Slater, Matt Sharpe; 
Saxes: Anne Tinsley, Jo Walter, Sam Rogers, Nick Solley, Penny Walker; 
Rhythm: Tim Amann, Richard Sandford, Adam Gilchrist, Carl Hemmingsley; 
Special guest: Martin Shaw (trumpet) 2007



Artist                        Georges Arvanitas

Title                        Nardis

Composer            Davis

Album                        Bird of Paradise

Label                        Blue Cat

Number            Track 9

Duration             4.29

Performers: Georges Arvanitas, p; Charles Salidrais, d, Jacky Samson, b, 1988



Artist                        Louis Armstrong

Title                        Drop That Sack

Composer            Armstrong

Album                        Cornet Chop Suey: Integrale Vol 3

Label                        Fremeaux

Number            1353 CD 3 Track 5

Duration             2.45

Performers: Louis Armstrong, c; Kid Ory, tb; Johnny Dodds, cl; Lil Hardin, p; Johnny St Cyr bj; 1926.




Artist                        George Melly with Mick Mulligan’s Band

Title                        You’ve Got The Right Key But The Wrong Key Hole

Composer            Williams / Green

Album                        Ravers

Label                        Lake

Number            150 Track 8

Duration             2.56

Performers            George Melly, v; Ian Christie, cl; Ronnie Duff, p; Neville Skrimshire, g; Terry Forster, b; Pete Appleby, d. 1956




Artist                        Vic Dickenson

Title                        Old Fashioned Love

Composer            James P Johnson

Album                        Vic Dickenson Septet

Label                        Vanguard / RCA

Number            VRS 85201/2 LP 2 S1 T 3

Duration             9.34

Performers: Ruby Braff, Shad Collins, t; Vic Dickenson tb; Ed Hall, cl; Sir Charles Thompson, p; Steve Jordan, g; Walter Page, b; Jo Jones, d. 29 Nov 1954.




Artist                        Soprano Summit

Title                        Panama (Rag)

Composer            Tyers

Album                        Live at Concord 77

Label                        Concord

Number            LP: S 2

Duration             5.30

Performers: Kenny Davern, Bob Wilber, cl, ss; Marty Grosz, bj; Monty Budwig, b; Jake Hanna, d. 1977.



Artist                        Sonny Red

Title                        I’ve Never Been In Love Before

Composer            Frank Loesser

Album                        Out of the Blue

Label                        Blue Note

Number            84032 Track 3

Duration             5.24

Performers: Sonny Red, as; Wynton Kelly, p; Paul Chambers, b; Roy Brooks, d. 1959.





Artist                        Jacques Loussier

Title                        Gymnopedie No. 1 Var 1

Composer            Satie, arr Loussier

Album                        Music of Satie

Label                        Telarc

Number            Track 1

Duration             4.37

Performers: Jacques Loussier, p; Benoit Dunoyer de Segonzac, b; Andre Arpino, d. 1998.




Artist                        Matt Wates

Title                        The People Tree

Composer            Wates

Album                        Yemanji

Label                        Audio B

Number            5030 Track 11

Duration             4.30

Performers: Matt Wates, as: Martin Shaw Trumpet, Steve Main, tenor, Leon Greening, piano, Malcolm Creese bass and Matt Home Drums, 2013.