JRR 10 Jan 2015

JRR 10 Jan 2015



Artist                        Joe Harriott

Title                        Revival

Composer            Harriott

Album                        Movement

Label                        Columbia

Number            33SX 1627 Track 5

Duration             3.11

Performers: Joe Harriott, as; Shake Keane, t; Pat Smythe, p; Bobby Orr, d, Coleridge Goode, b. 1963.



Artist                        Duke Ellington / Count Basie

Title                        Battle Royal

Composer            Ellington

Album                        Duke Ellington Meets Count Basie

Label                        Essential Jazz Classics

Number            55544 Track 1

Duration             5.36

Performers: Sonny Cohn, Thad Jones, Lonnie Johnson, Snooky Young, t; Henry Coker, Quentin Jackson, Benny Powell, Urbie Green, tb; Marshall Royal, Budd Johnson, Frank Wess, Frank Foster, Charlie Fowlkes, reeds; Count Basie, p; Freddie Green, g; Eddie Jones, b; Sonny Payne, d; Ed Mullins, Fats Ford, Willie Cook, Cat Anderson, Ray Nance, t; Juan Tizol, Laurence Brown, Louis Blackburn, tb; Jimmy Hamilton, Russell Procope, Harry Carney, Johnny Hodges, Paul Gonsalves, reeds; Aaron Bell, b; Sam Woodyard, d. July 1961.




Artist                        Donald Lambert

Title                        Anitra’s Dance

Composer            Grieg arr Lambert

Album                        Donald Lambert

Label                        Pumpkin

Number            S 1 T 1

Duration             2.42

Performers            Donald Lambert, p.




Artist                        Ken Colyer

Title                        Painting The Clouds with Sunshine

Composer            Burke

Album                        Painting The Clouds with Sunshine

Label                        Black Lion

Number            70501 Track 2

Duration             9.12

Performers            Ken Colyer, t; Bruce Bakewell, cl; Mike Sherbourne, tb; Ray Smith, p; Bill Stotesbury, bj; Alyn Shipton, b; Colin Bowden, d. 6 Oct 1979.





Artist                        Bix Beiderbecke

Title                        Sorry

Composer            Quicksell

Album                        Bix Beiderbecke Story

Label                        Proper

Number            Properbox 66 DC 2 Track 26

Duration             2.55

Performers            Bix Beiderbecke, c; Bill Rank, tb; Don Murray, cl; Adrian Rollini, bsx; Frank Signorelli, p; Chauncey Morehouse, d. 25 Oct 1927.




Artist                        Jelly Roll Morton

Title                        Sidewalk Blues

Composer            Morton

Album                        Birth of the Hot

Label                        Bluebird

Number            Track 20

Duration             3.33

Performers: George Mitchell, c; Omer Simeon, Barney Bigard, Darnell Howard, cl; Kid Ory, tb; Jelly Roll Morton, p; Johnny St Cyr, bj; John Linmdsay, b; Andrew Hilaire, d. 21 Sept 1926.



Artist                        Paul Desmond / Gerry Mulligan

Title                        The Way You Look Tonight

Composer            Kern / Fields

Album                        Two of a Mind

Label                        Bluebird

Number            ND 90364 Track 5

Duration             7.20

Performers            Paul Desmond, as; Gerry Mulligan, bar; Joe Benjamin, b; Mel Lewis, d. 1 Aug 1962




Artist                        Trevor Watts

Title                        Solus

Composer            Watts

Album                        Veracity

Label                        FMR

Number            3770714 Track 1

Duration             3.49 (track overall 4.03)

Performers            Trevor Watts, as. June 2014.




Artist                        Natalie Williams

Title                        Where You Are

Composer            Williams / Cawley

Album                        Where You Are

Label                        Little Girl

Number            1301

Duration             5.11

Performers: Natalie Williams, v, plus acc.



Artist                        Alex Welsh

Title                        Hindustan

Composer            Wallace / Weeks

Album                        It’s Right Here For You

Label                        Vocalion

Number            5321 CD 1 Track 8

Duration             3.02

Performers            Alex Welsh, c; Roy Crimmins, tb; Archie Semple cl; Fred Hunt, p; Diz Disley, g; Bill Reid, b; Lennie Hastings, d. Sept 1960.



Artist                        Jacques Loussier

Title                        Largo from Winter

Composer            Vivaldi arr Loussier

Album                        The Four Seasons

Label                        Telarc

Number            83417 Track 11

Duration             3.34

Performers: Jacques Loussier, p; Vincent Charbonnier, b; Andre Arpino, d. 1997.




Artist                        Humphrey Lyttelton

Title                        Bad Penny Blues

Composer            Lyttelton

Album                        Huphrey Lyttelton and His Band and the Paseo Jazz Band

Label                        Upbeat

Number            223 Track 24

Duration             2.55

Performers            Humphrey Lyttelton, t; Johnny Parker, p; Jim Bray, b; Eddie Taylor, d. 7 Aug 1956.