JRR 17 Jan 2014

Here’s the music for this week’s show:

JRR 17 Jan 2015



Artist                        Emmett Berry

Title                        Boogie Woogie a la Parisienne

Composer            Berry/Price

Album                        Emmett Berry and His Orchestra (EP)

Label                        Columbia

Number            FP1076 S2 T 1

Duration             4.03

Performers: Emmett Berry, t; Guy Lafitte, ts; Sammy Price, p; Pops Foster, b; Freddie Moore, d. 6 Jan 1956



Artist                        Sarah Moule

Title                        Lord I wanna Be Good

Composer            Landesman, Wallace

Album                        Songs from the Floating World

Label                        Red Ram

Number            RAM 002 Track 1

Duration             3.56

Performers: Sarah Moule v; Simon Wallace, kb; Nigel Price, g; Mick Hutton, b; Paul Robinson, d. 2014



Artist                        Scott Hamilton

Title                        Jitterbug Waltz

Composer            Fats Waller

Album                        Jazz Signatures

Label                        Concord

Number            49392 Track 3

Duration             7.37

Performers            Scott Hamilton, ts; John Bunch, p; Dave Green, b; Steve Brown, d. 2001.




Artist                        Jackie Davis

Title                        Walkin’ My Baby Back Home

Composer            Turk / Ahlert

Album                        HiFi Hammond Vol 2

Label                        Capitol

Number            ST 1517 Track 1

Duration             3.22

Performers: Jackie Davis, org, 1960.




Artist                        Bob Crosby

Title                        The Big Noise From Winnetka

Composer            Bauduc, Crosby, Haggart

Album                        A Proper Introduction to Bob Crosby

Label                        Proper

Number            2073 Tr 17

Duration             2.37

Performers: Bob Haggart, b whistle; Ray Bauduc, d. 14 Oct 1938.




Artist                        Duke Ellington

Title                        Creole Love Call

Composer            Ellington

Album                        Columbia Jazz Profiles

Label                        Columbia

Number            88697298542 Track 3

Duration             3.15

Performers: Duke Ellington, p; Bubber Miley, Louis Metcalfe, t; Joe Nanton, tb; Otto Hardwick, Rudy Jackson, Harry Carney, reeds; Fred Guy, bj; Wellman Braud, b; Sonny Greer, d; Adelaide Hall, v. 6 Oct 1927.




Artist                        Boyd Raeburn

Title                        Dalvatore Sally

Composer            George Handy

Album                        Histoire des Big Bands

Label                        Chant du monde

Number            574 1487 cd7 tr 4

Duration             3.00

Performers            Boyd Raeburn, bsx; Dale Pierce, Ray Linn, Carl Groen, Nelson Shallaway, t; Ollie Wilson, Hal Smith, Britt Woodman, tb; Willie Schwartz, Harry Klee, Ralph Lee, Guy McReynolds, Hy Mandel, reeds; Dodo Marmarosa, p; Dave Barbour, g; Harry Babasin, b; Jackie Mills, d. 5 Feb 1946.



Artist                        Branford Marsalis

Title                        Stardust

Composer            Carmichael

Album                        In My Solitude

Label                        Okeh

Number            88875011652 Track 2

Duration             6.21

Performers            Branford Marsalis, ts. 5 Oct 2012.




Artist                        Art Tatum

Title                        Tiger Rag

Composer            La Rocca

Album                        Piano Grand Master

Label                        Proper

Number            Properbox 60 CD 1 Track 4

Duration             2.20

Performers:             Art Tatum, p; 21 March 1933




Artist                        Ella Fitzgerald

Title                        Manhattan

Composer            Rodgers and Hart

Album                        Essential Ella

Label                        Verve

Number            523 990-2 Track 1

Duration             2.53

Performers: Ella Fitzgerald, the Buddy Bregman Orchestra, August 1956.



Artist                        Michael Garrick

Title                        Here There And Everywhere

Composer            Lennon / McCartney

Album                        Parting Is Such

Label                        Jazz Academy

Number            JAZA 3 Track 6

Duration             5.11

Performers            Christian Garrick, vn; Michael Garrick, p. 1994.




Artist                        Maxine Sullivan

Title                        If I Had A Ribbon Bow

Composer            trad

Album                        Maxine Sullivan 1938-41

Label                        Classics

Number            991 Track 15

Duration             3.12

Performers: Maxine Sullivan and John Kirby’s Orchestra: Charlie Shavers, t; Buster Bailey, cl; Russell Procope, as; Billy Kyle, p; John Kirby, b; O’Niel Spencer, d. 1 Aug 1940.



Artist                        Gary Burton

Title                        Turn of the Century

Composer            Mike Gibbs

Album                        Throb

Label                        Atlantic

Number            Track 2

Duration             5.07

Performers: Gary Burton, vib; Richard Greene, vn; Jerry Hahn, g; Steve Swallow, b; Bill Goodwin, d. 1969.