Inter Cities Jazz Band – Wishing

The Inter Cities Jazz Band was assembled in 1976 by Norman Emberson to play New Orleans Jazz, as all the members had spent time in the Crescent City studying the music. By the time this album was made at the Pizza on the Park three years later, trombonist Dave Senior had been replaced by Roy Maskell, and Norman was dividing his time between this band and the demands of playing full time with Chris Barber. However, the band made several tours of Belgium and Holland and worked whenever possible in the UK, backing many US visitors including Freddie Kohlman, Al Casey, Franz Jackson, Teddy Johnson, Sammy Lee.


  • Teddy Fullick, t;
  • Dick Cook, as, cl;
  • Roy Maskell, tb;
  • Maggie Kinson, p, v;
  • Alyn Shipton, b;
  • Norman Emberson, d.


  1. Pallet on the Floor,
  2. At the Pizza House,
  3. Wishing,
  4. I Get the Blues When It Rains,
  5. Dippermouth Blues,
  6. Parkside Boogie,
  7. Deed I Do,
  8. She’s Funny That Way,
  9. Lock My Heart,
  10. Maggie’s Boogie.