Butch Thompson’s King Oliver Centennial Band

Formed in 1985 to celebrate the centenary of Joe “King”Oliver, Butch Thompson’s eight piece band captured the spirit of Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band, while applying its instrumentation and style to a much larger repertoire including pieces by the Dixie Syncopators and other larger scale bands.

It premiered its work at Northampton’s Black Bottom Club before appearing at the inaugural Ascona Festival of New Orleans Jazz. Its GHB album was recorded during its fourth annual tour of the UK and Switzerland.


  • Cuff Billett / Charlie De Vore (cornets)
  • Teddy Layton (clarinet/ alto)
  • Pete Dyer (trombone)
  • Butch Thompson (piano)
  • Malcolm Horne (guitar / banjo)
  • Alyn Shipton (bass)
  • Dave Evans (drums)


  1. Climax Rag [4:57]
  2. Sweet Baby Doll [4:03]
  3. Willie the Weeper [3:21]
  4. If You Knew [4:06]
  5. Shake It and Break It [3:52]
  6. Sweet Like This [4:41]
  7. Wang Wang Blues [4:07]
  8. Sugar Blues [2:34]
  9. I Ain’t Gonna Tell Nobody [4:22]
  10. Weary Way Blues [4:43]
  11. You Were Only Passing Time With Me [3:15]
  12. Edna [4:54]