JRR 8 Oct, Remembering John Marshall

JRR 081023


Artist               George Melly and the Feetwarmers

Title                Nobody Knows You

Composer       Cox

Album             Nuts

Label               Warner Bros

Number          K 46188 S 2 T 4

Duration         5.41

Performers    George Melly, v; John Chilton, t; Bruce Turner, as; Wally Fawkes, cl, ss; Collin Bates, p; Steve Fagg b; Chuck Smith, d. Ronnie Scott’s, 1972



Artist               Graham Collier

Title                Aberdeen Angus

Composer       Collier

Album            Down Another Road

Label               BGO

Number          BGOCD767 CD 1 Track 4

Duration         6.03

Performers    Harry Beckett, t; Nick Evans, tb; Stan Sulzmann, reeds; Karl Jenkins, p; Graham Collier, b; John Marshall, d. 22 March 1969



Artist               Ian Carr with Nucleus

Title                Torso

Composer       Ian Carr

Album             Solar Plexus

Label               BGO

Number          BGOCD566 CD 1 Track 5

Duration         6.12

Performers    Ian Carr, Kenny Wheeler, t; Brian Smith, ss; Tony Roberts, ts; Karl Jenkins, bars, ob, elp; Keith Winter, synth, Chris Spedding, g; Jeff Clyne, Ron Matthewson, b; John Marshall, d, Chris Karan, perc. Dec 1970.



Artist               Jack Bruce

Title                You Burned the Tables On Me

Composer       Jack Bruce / Pete Brown

Album             Harmony Row

Label               Polydor

Number          2310 107 S1 T3

Duration         3.50

Performers    Jack Bruce, v, b, p; Chris Spedding, g; John Marshall, d. 1971.



Artist               Eberhard Weber

Title                No Trees? He said

Composer       Eberhard Weber

Album             Little Movements (in Colours Box Set)

Label               ECM

Number          271 9368 CD 3 Track 5

Duration         5.01

Performers    Charlie Mariano, ss; Rainer Bruninghaus, p; Eberhard Weber, b; John Marshall, d.  July 1980.



Artist               Vassilis Tsabropoulos

Title                Valley

Composer       Tsabropoulos

Album             Achirana

Label               ECM

Number          1278 Track 3

Duration         5.39

Performers    Vassilis Tsabroploulos, p; Arild Andersen, b; John Marshall, d. 1999.



Artist               Soft Machine

Title                Other Doors

Composer       John Etheridge

Album             Other Doors

Label               Moon June / Dyad

Number          DY 032 Track 3

Duration         4.52

Performers    John Etheridge, g; Theo Travis, ts; Fred Baker, b; John Marshall d. July 2022.



Artist               Eriko Ishihara

Title                I’m Just a Lucky So and So

Composer       Mack David / Duke Ellington

Album             Tenderly

Label               Lotus Music

Number          774 Track 3

Duration         4.23

Performers    Eriko Ishihara, v, p; Andrew Cleyndert, b; Colin Oxley, g. 2012.



Artist               Keith Jarrett

Title                Take Me Back

Composer       Keith Jarrett

Album             Expectations

Label               Columbia

Number          C2K 65900 CD 1 Track 6

Duration         9.29

Performers    Keith Jarrett, p, ss; Sam Brown, g; Charlie Haden, b; Paul Motian, d; Airto Moreira, perc. 5 April 1972.



Artist               Billie Holiday

Title                I’ll Be Seeing You

Composer       Kahal, Fain

Album             The Lady Sings

Label               Proper

Number          Properbox 26 CD 3 Track 25

Duration         3.30

Performers    Billie Holiday, v; Doc Cheatham, t; Vic Dickenson, tb; Lem Davis, as; Eddie Heywood, p; John Simmons, b; Teddy Walters, g; Sid Catlett, d 1 April 1944.