JRR 6 August

NB at 5.15 pm

JRR 060823




Artist               Mel Powell

Title                Thigamagig

Composer       Mel Powell

Album             Four Classic Albums

Label               Avid

Number          AMSC 1063 CD 1 Track 8

Duration         2.29

Performers    Ruby Braff, c; Mel Powell, p; Bobby Donaldson, d.  Aug 1954.




Artist               Mark Nightingale

Title                Don’t Mention the Blues

Composer       Mark Nightingale

Album             What I wanted to Say

Label               Mons

Number          87673 Track 3

Duration         5.22

Performers    Mark Nightingale tb; Dado Moroni, p; Ray Brown, b; Jeff Hamilton, d. 31 Aug 1994.



Artist               Rosinha de Valença

Title                Consolação

Composer       Baden Powell, Vinicius Moraes

Album             Apresentando

Label               Elenco

Number          ME 16 Side B Track 1

Duration         3.34

Performers    Rosinha de Valença, g; Oscar Castro Neves, p, arr; Jorginho, fl; Sergio, b; Doum, d. 1963.




Artist               Blossom Dearie

Title                My Favourite Things

Composer       Rodgers, Hammerstein

Album             Discover Who I Am – The Fontana Years 1966-1970

Label               Universal / Mercury

Number          4841322 CD 5 Track 2

Duration        5.09

Performers    Blossom Dearie, p, v; probably Jeff Clyne, b; Johnny Butts, d. 1966.



Artist               Charlie Parker / Dizzy Gillespie

Title                An Oscar for Treadwell

Composer       Parker

Album             Bird and Diz

Label               Essential Jazz Classics

Number          EJC 55566 Track 5

Duration         3.28

Performers    Charlie Parker (alto sax); Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet); Thelonious Monk (piano); Curly Russell (bass) and Buddy Rich (drums). 6 June 1950



Artist               Dave Stapleton

Title                Wig Wag

Composer       Dave Stapleton

Album             Between The Lines

Label               Edition

Number          EDN 1017 Track 6

Duration         6.28

Performers    Johnny Bruce, t, fh; Ben Waghorn, saxophones, Dave Stapleton, p; Paula Gardiner, b; Elliott Bennett, d. 2010.



Artist               Keith Jarrett

Title                Radiance Part VIII

Composer       Jarrett

Album             Radiance

Label               ECM

Number          986 9818 Track 8

Duration         EOM 5.08 ends on applause

Performers    Keith Jarrett, p; Osaka, 27 Oct 2002.



Artist               Tubby Hayes

Title                Nicole

Composer       Howard McGhee

Album             After the Lights Out from Tubby Hayes Vol 2

Label               Real Gone Jazz

Number          RGJCD448 CD 2 Track 2

Duration         9.34

Performers    Tubby Hayes, ts; Dickie Hawdon, t; Harry South, p; Pete Elderfield, b; Bill Eyden, d. 17 July 1956.



Artist               Pearl Bailey

Title                Solid Gold Cadillac

Composer       Bowers / Black

Album             Pearl Bailey and Louie Bellson

Label               Everest

Number          FS284 S2 T 1

Duration         3.04

Performers    Pearl Bailey, v; Louie Bellson, d, and bandleader. 1955.



Artist               Don Rendell / Ian Carr

Title                Shades Of Blue

Composer       Neil Ardley

Album             Shades of Blue / Dusk Fire

Label               BGO

Number          BGOCD615 CD 1 Track 7

Duration         7.09

Performers    Ian Carr, fh; Don Rendell, ts; Colin Purbook, p; Dave Green b; Trevor Tomkins, d. October 1964.



Artist               Dinah Washington

Title                There’ll be a Jubilee

Composer       P Moore

Album             In the land of Hi-Fi

Label               American jazz classics

Number          99115 Track 3

Duration         2.06

Performers    Dinah Washington, v; Cannonball Adderley, as; with Hal Mooney’s orchestra, 24 April 1956.