JRR 19 March

JRR 190323


Artist               Harold McNair

Title                The Hipster

Composer       McNair

Album             Harold McNair Quartet

Label               RCA

Number          SF 7969 Track 4

Duration         4.32

Performers    Harold McNair, fl; Bill Le Sage, p; Spike Heatley, b; Tony Carr, d. 1968.



Artist               Miles Davis

Title                Little Willie Leaps

Composer       Miles Davis

Album             Milestones

Label               Dreyfus Jazz

Number          538476522 Track 8

Duration         2.53

Performers    Miles Davis, t; Charlie Parker ts; John Lewis, p; Nelson Boyd, b; Max Roach, d. 14 Aug 1947.



Artist               Kim Cypher

Title                Tomorrow’s Song

Composer       Cypher

Album             n/a – single

Label               Kim Cypher

Number          n/a only track

Duration         6.48

Performers    Kim Cypher, ss; Anders Olinder, p; Raph Mizraki, b; Mike Cypher, d. July 2022.



Artist               Wes Montgomery

Title                S.O.S. (Take 3)

Composer       Wes Montgomery

Album             Full House

Label               Riverside

Number          RLP 434 S2 T 3

Duration         5.04

Performers    Johnny Griffin, ts; Wes Montgomery, g; Wynton Kelly, p; Paul Chambers, b; Jimmy Cobb, d. 25 June 1962



Artist               Louis Stewart

Title                Spring is Here

Composer       Rodgers / Hart

Album             Out on His Own

Label               Livia

Number          LRLP1 Track 15

Duration         2.46

Performers    Louis Stewart (g), 1977.



Artist               Earl Hines

Title                The Father’s Getaway

Composer       Hines

Album             Blue Boogie

Label               Blue Note

Number          CDP 7990992 Track 18

Duration         4.26

Performers    Earl Hines, p. 29 July 1939.



Artist               Duke Ellington

Title                Three Tunes in the Blue Mood (Diminuendo in Blue / I Got It Bad / Crescendo in Blue)

Composer       Ellington

Album             Treasury Shows Vol 14

Label               D.E.T.S.

Number          9039014 CD 1 Track 17

Duration         10.26

Performers    Rex Stewart, c; Cat Anderson, Shelton Hephill, Taft Jordan, t; Claude Jones, Joe Nanton, Lawrence Brown, tb; Johnny Hodges, Otto Hardwick, as; Jimmy Hamilton, cl; ts; Al Sears, ts; Harry Carney, bars; Duke Ellington, p; Fred Guy, g; Junior Raglin, b; Sonny Greer, d. Al Hibbler, v. 13 Oct 1945.



Artist               Opus Anglicanum

Title                Adorna

Composer       n/a

Album             Adorna

Label               UA

Number          Track 7

Duration         5.08

Performers    David DeWinter, John Bowen, Roland Robertson, Stephen Burrows, James Birchall, v; Jason Rebello, p. 2022



Artist               Stanley Clarke

Title                If This Bass Could Only Talk

Composer       Clarke

Album             If This Bass Could Only Talk

Label               Portrait

Number          PRT 460883-1 Track 1

Duration         2.30

Performers    Stanley Clarke, b, g; Greg Hines, tap dance; 1988



Artist               Karin Krog and Bengt Hallberg

Title                Ain’t Nobody’s Business

Composer       Porter Grainger / Everett Robbins

Album             Two of a Kind

Label               Meantime

Number          MR1 Track 13

Duration         3.44

Performers    Karin Krog, v; Bengt Hallberg, p, 1987.



Artist               Steve Lane’s Southern Stompers

Title                Rabbit Punch

Composer       John Wurr

Album             Jazz Wise

Label               VJM

Number          LC32S S 1 T3

Duration         4.58

Performers    Steve Lane, c; Bob Beardsworth, tb; John Wurr, as; Martin Litton, p; Geoff Walker, bj; Gerry Ingram, b; John Keen, d. March 1979.