JRR 13 Nov

JRR 131122


Artist               Fats Domino

Title                All By Myself

Composer       Fats Domino, Dave Bartholomew

Album             Fat Man Sings

Label               EMI

Number          7243 5 26777 2 6 Track 2

Duration         2.20

Performers: Fats Domino, p, v; Herb Hardesty, Buddy Hagans, Sammy Lee, reeds; Papoose Nelson, g; Billy Diamond, b; Tenoo Coleman, d. 15 March 1955.



Artist               Trish Clowes

Title                The Ness

Composer       Clowes

Album             A View With A Room

Label               Greenleaf

Number          1094 Track 2

Duration         5.52

Performers    Trish Clowes, ts; Ross Stanley, org, p, kb; Chris Montague, g. Sept 2021



Artist               Gary Burton

Title                Back Home Again in Indiana

Composer       Hanley / MacDonald

Album             For Bags, Red, Hamp and Cal

Label               Concord

Number          4941-2 Track 7

Duration         5.42

Performers    Gary Burton, vib; Russell Malone, g; Christian McBride, b; Lewis Nash, d. May 2000.



Artist               Bojan Zulfikarpasic

Title                Multi Don Kulti

Composer       Zulfikarpasic

Album             Solobsession

Label               Label Bleu

Number          6624 Track 3

Duration         5.29

Performers    Bojan Zulfikarpasic, p. Oct 2000.



Artist               Mike Westbrook

Title                The Fields

Composer       Mike Westbrook, William Blake

Album             Glad Day

Label               enja

Number          9376 -2 CD 2 Track 5

Duration         5.07

Performers    Phil Minton, v; Mike Westbrook, p; Kate Westbrook, tenor hn; Peter Whyman, Alan Wakeman, Chris Biscoe, reeds; Steve Berry, b; Dave Barry, d. Girls’ Choir of Blackheath Conservatory; 1997



Artist               Freddy Randall

Title                Panama

Composer       W H Tyers

Album             Before and After

Label               Lake

Number          343 Track 3

Duration         3.38

Performers    Freddy Randall, t; Pete Hodge, tb; Al Gay, cl; Syd Boatman, p; Gerry Salisbury, b; Buzz Green, d. April 1957.



Artist               Ella Fitzgerald

Title                Coochi Coochi Coo

Composer       Kay Werner, Sue Werner

Album             Chick Webb 4: Ella Swings The Band

Label               MCA

Number          1327 Track 14

Duration         3.01

Performers    Ella Fitzgerald, v; Bobby Stark, Dick Vance, Taft Jordan, t; George Daniels, Nat Storey, Sandy Williams, tb; Hilton Jefferson, Garvin Bushell, Waymon Carver, Teddy McRae, reeds; Tommy Fulford, p, John Truehart, g; Beverely Peer, b; Chick Webb, d. 21 April 1939



Artist               Max Roach

Title                Equipoise

Composer       Stanley Cowell

Album             Members Don’t Git Weary

Label               Atlantic

Number          1510 Track 4

Duration         6.19

Performers    Charles Tolliver, t; Gary Bartz, as; Stanley Cowell, p; Jymie Merritt, b; Max Roach, d. June 1968.



Artist               John Horler

Title                Long Ago and Far Away

Composer       Jerome Kern

Album             Open Space

Label               Pathway Records

Number          [No number self issued] Track 1

Duration         6.05

Performers    John Horler, p; Tim Wells, b; Trevor Tomkins, d. 2017.



Artist               Sonny Rollins

Title                Pent Up House

Composer       Sonny Rollins

Album             Brown/Rollins/Roach Complete Studio Recordings

Label               Essential Jazz Classics

Number          55407 Track 11

Duration         8.50

Performers    Clifford Brown, t; Sonny Rollins, ts; Richie Powell, p; George Morrow, b; Max Roach, d. 22 March 1956