JRR Mayday…

JRR 010522



Artist               Woody Herman

Title                Opus De Funk

Composer       Silver

Album             Woody Herman and His Orchestra 1956

Label               Storyville

Number          8247/8 CD 1 Track 6

Duration         6.09

Performers    Johny Coppola, Burt Collins, Bill Castignani, Dud Harvey, Dick Collins, t; Wayne Andre, Bill Harris, Bobby Lamb, tb; Woody Herman, cl; Bob Hardaway, Richie Kamuca, Arno Marsh, Jay Cameron, reeds; Vince Guaraldi, p; Remo Biondi, g; Monty Budwig, b; Gus Gustafson, d. Salt Lake City 28 July 1956



Artist               Martin Taylor / Tommy Emmanuel

Title                I Won’t Last a Day Without You

Composer       Williams / Nichols

Album             The Colonel and the Governor

Label               Sony

Number          88765451582 Track 1

Duration         5.12

Performers    Martin Taylor / Tommy Emmanuel, g; 2013




Artist               Mel Torme

Title                Route 66

Composer       Bobby Troupe

Album             Live at the Maisonette

Label               Atlantic

Number          18129 Track 6

Duration         4.08

Performers    Mel Torme, v; with Al Porcino’s orchestra. Sept 1974



Artist               John Lewis

Title                2 Degrees East, 3 Degrees West

Composer       John Lewis

Album             Grand Encounter

Label               Pacific

Number          1217 Track 4

Duration         6.07

Performers    Bill Perkins, ts; John Lewis, p; Jim Hall, g; Percy Heath b; Chico Hamilton, d. 10 Feb 1956.



Artist               The Lost Melody

Title                Before I forget

Composer       Joe Davidian

Album             New Songs For Old Souls

Label               Lost Melody

Number          Track 7

Duration         5.47

Performers    Joe Davidian, p; Austin McMahon, d; Jamie Ousley, b. May 2020



Artist               Jessica Williams

Title                Mysterioso

Composer       Monk

Album            Live at Yoshi’s Vol 1

Label               Max Jazz

Number          210 Track 9

Duration         8.06

Performers    Jessica Williams, p; Ray Drummond, b; Victor Lewis, d. July 2003.




Artist               Mutt Carey

Title                Fidgety Feet

Composer       La Rocca / Shields

Album             Portrait of a New Orleans Master

Label               Upbeat

Number          176 Track 23

Duration         3.10

Performers    Mutt Carey, t; Ed Hall, cl; Jimmy Archey, tb; Cliff Jackson, p; Danny Barker, g; Pops Foster, b; Baby Dodds, d. 27 Nov 1947.



Artist               George Lewis

Title                Lily of The valley

Composer       Sankey

Album             Oh Didn’t He Ramble

Label               Upbeat

Number          233 Cd 2 Track 8

Duration         5.11

Performers    Alvin Alcorn, t; George Lewis, cl; Jim Robinson, tb; Joe Robichaux, p; Slow Drag Pavageau, b; Joe Watkins, d, v. 29 Sept 1958



Artist               Joe Wilder

Title                Slow And Easy

Composer       Henry Mancini

Album             Music from Peter Gunn

Label               Columbia

Number          1319 Track 7

Duration         4.01

Performers    Joe Wilder, t; Hank Jones, p; Milt Hinton, b; John Cresci, d. 18 Jan 1959




Artist               Bruce Turner

Title                Hyde Park

Composer       Ellington

Album             Accent on Swing

Label               Lake

Number          310 CD 2 Track 1

Duration         3.55

Performers    John Chilton, t; Bruce Turner, as, cl; John Mumford, tb; Collin Bates, p; Jim Bray, b; Johnny Armitage, d. Feb 1961