JRR 20 Sept

JRR 200920


Artist               Dizzy Gillespie Sextet (on Milt Jackson CD)

Title                The Champ (Part 1)

Composer       Dizzy Gillespie

Album             Milt Jackson: The Early Years

Label               Acrobat

Number          3205 CD 2 Track 3

Duration         3.01

Performers    Dizzy Gillespie, t, p; J J Johnson, tb; Budd Johnson, ts; Milt Jackson, vib, p; Percy Heath, b; Art Blakey, d. 16 April 1951.




Artist               Don Byas

Title                Super Session

Composer       Byas

Album             The Complete History of Jazz

Label               Proper

Number          Properbox 201 CD 3 Track 6

Duration         3.01

Performers    Don Byas, ts; Johnny Guarnieri, p; Al Hall, b; Sid Catlett, d, 1946




Artist               Artie Shaw

Title                Stardust

Composer       Carmichael / Parish

Album             The Complete History of Jazz

Label               Proper

Number          Properbox 201 CD 2 Track 23

Duration         3.30

Performers    George Wendt, Johnny Cathcart. Billy Butterfield, t; Jack Jenney, Vernon Brown, tb; Artie Shaw, cl; Bus Bassey, Neely Plumb, Les Robinson, Jerry Jerome, ts; Johnny Guarnieri, p; Al Hendrickson, g; Jud DeNaut, b; Nick Fatool, d; strings. 7 Oct 1940



Artist               Wally Fawkes

Title                Lucky Duck

Composer       Hefti

Album             Flook Digs Jazz

Label               Decca

Number          DFE 6600 Track 1

Duration         3.36

Performers    Spike Mackintosh, t; Wally Fawkes, cl; Jeremy French, tb; Collin Bates, p; Russ Allen, b; Dave Pearson, d. 1959



Artist               Cuff Billett / Bill Greenow Quintet

Title                River’s Taking Care of Me

Composer       Adams / Greer

Album             Archie Semple / Cuff Billett+Bill Greenow

Label               Jazzology

Number          JCD 347 Track 9

Duration         2.39

Performers    Cuff Billett, t; Bill Greenow, as; Pat Hawes, p; Dave Holland, b; Johnny Richardson, d. 1969



Artist               Bruce Turner

Title                Indian Summer

Composer       Victor Herbert

Album             Deep in My Heart

Label               Nagel Heyer

Number          Track 11

Duration         4.12

Performers    Bruce Turner, as; others tbc.



Artist               Sam Rivers

Title                Fuschia Swing Song

Composer       Rivers

Album             Fuschia Swing Song

Label               Blue Note

Number          84184 Trak 1

Duration         6.03

Performers    Sam Rivers, ts; Jaki Byard, p; Ron Carter, b; Tony Williams, d. 1965.



Artist               Eric Dolphy

Title                Hat and Beard

Composer       Dolphy

Album             Out to Lunch

Label               Blue Note

Number          24349 87932 Track 1

Duration         8.24

Performers    Personnel: Freddie Hubbard, t; Eric Dolphy, bcl; Bobby Hutcherson, vib; Richard Davis, b; Tony Williams, d. 25 Feb 1964.



Artist:              Jasper Hoiby

Title:               Song for the bees

Composer:      Hoiby

Album:            Fellow creatures

Label               Edition

Number:         1075 track 5

Dur                 4.47

Personnel: Laura Jurd, t; Mark Lockheart, reeds; Will Barry, p; Jasper Hoiby, b; Corrie Dick, d. 2016



Artist               Nina Simone

Title                Bye Bye Blackbird

Composer       Dion / Henderson

Album             At the Village Gate

Label               Colpix

Number          421 Track 4

Duration         8.09

Performers    Nina Simone, p; Al Schackman, g; Chris White, b; Bobby Hamilton, d. 1961



Artist               Hank Mobley

Title                I see your face before me

Composer       Dietz / Shwartz

Album             Dippin

Label               Blue Note

Number          84209 Track 5

Duration         5.29

Performers    Hank Mobley, ts; Lee Morgan, t; Harold Mabern, p; Larry Ridley, b; Billy Higgins, d. 18 June 1965