JRR 16 August

JRR 160820



Artist               The Kirchin Band

Title                Big City Blues

Composer       Kirchin

Album             Great British Rock n Roll, vol 1

Label               Smith and co

Number          1124 CD 1 Track 12

Duration         3.15

Performers    Frank Donlan, Murray Campbell, Norman Baron, Stan Palmer, t; Brian Haydon, George Robinson, Johnny Xerri, Norman Hunt, reeds; Johnny Patrick, p; Ronnie Seabrook, b; Basil Kirchin, d.



Artist               Don Ewell

Title                Wild Man Blues

Composer       Morton / Armstrong

Album             Free n Easy

Label               Good Time Jazz

Number          10046-2 Track 15

Duration         3.23

Performers    Don Ewell, p. 1947



Artist               Stan Greig

Title                Skinnie Minnie

Composer       Greig

Album             Stan Greig’s Jazz Band, featuring Mac Sandy and Ally Bad Weather

Label               Storyville

Number          SEP 3.44 S 2 T 1

Duration         2.29

Performers    Sandy Brown, cl; Al Fairweather, t; Jeremy French, tb; Stan Greig, p; Tim Mahn, b, Graham Burbidge d. 1958.



Artist               Fats Navarro

Title                The Things We Did Last Summer

Composer       Styne / Cahn

Album             Norman Granz JATP at Carnegie Hall 1949

Label               Pablo

Number          5311-2 Track 7

Duration         3.40

Performers    Fats Navarro, trumpet, Hank Jones, piano, Ray Brown, bass, Shelly Manne, drums. 2 Nov 1949



Artist               Paul Desmond

Title                Samba De Orpheu

Composer       Luis Bonfa

Album             Cool Imagination

Label               Bluebird

Number          82876 514240-2 Track 13

Duration         4.26

Performers    Paul Desmond, as; Jim Hall, g; Percy Heath, b; Connie Kay, d. 10 June 1963



Artist               Toti Soler

Title                Sardana Flamenco

Composer       Soler

Album             Raó de Viure

Label               TO Productions

Number          TO 013 Track 1

Duration         4.28

Performers    Toti Soler, g.



Artist               New Brew

Title                Harambee II

Composer       Holdsworth

Album             Wodgi

Label               Caption Records

Number          01 Track 2

Duration         6.32

Performers: Dave Holdsworth, t; Roz Harding, as; Alan Wakeman, ts; Marcus Vergette, b; Coach York, d. 2018.



Artist               Ornette Coleman

Title                Kaleidoscope

Composer       Coleman

Album             Beauty is a rare Thing

Label               Rhino

Number          0081227956196  CD 2 Track 9

Duration         6.34

Performers    Don Cherry, c; Ornette Coleman, as; Charlie Haden, b; Ed Blackwell, d. 19 July 1960



Artist               John McLaughlin

Title                Follow Your Heart

Composer       McLaughlin

Album             My Goal’s Beyond

Label               Elektra

Number          52 364 Track 6

Duration         3.19

Performers    John McLaughlin, g; 1982.



Artist               Dorothy Ashby

Title                Essence of Sapphire

Composer       Ashby

Album             Fantastic Jazz Harp of Dorothy Ashby

Label               Atlantic

Number          1447 Track 2

Duration         3.14

Performers    Dorothy Ashby, hp; Richard Davis, b; Grady Tate, d. 1965



Artist               Abbey Lincoln

Title                Hey Mr Tambourine Man

Composer       Bob Dylan

Album             Who Used to Dance

Label               Verve

Number          533 559-2 Track 4

Duration         6.53

Performers    Abbey Lincoln, v; Marc Cary, p; Michael Bowie, b; Aaron Walker, d. May 1996.



Artist               Miles Davis

Title                In a Silent Way

Composer       Zawinul

Album             In a Silent Way

Label               Columbia

Number          86556 Track 2

Duration         4.14

Performers    Miles Davis, t; Wayne Shorter, ss; Chick Corea / Herbie Hancock, kb; Joe Zawinul, org; John McLaughlin, g; Dave Holland, b; Tony Williams, d. 18 Feb 1969.