JRR 15 June

JRR 150619



Artist               Sam Donahue

Title                C Jam Blues

Composer       Ellington

Album             Vol. 1: Convoy

Label               Hep

Number          CD 2 Track 14

Duration         5.10

Performers    Conrad Gozzo, Don Jacoby, Frank Beach, Don Best, t; Dick LeFave, Tak Takvorian, Tasso Harris, tb; Ralph LaPolla, Bill Nichol, Mack Pierce, Joe Aglora, Sam Donahue, Charlie Wade, reeds; Rocky Colluccio, p; Barney Spieler, b; Buzz Sithens, d. 1945.



Artist               Edmond Hall

Title                Uptown Café Blues

Composer       Hall / Dickenson

Album             n/a

Label               Commodore

Number          1512 Side B

Duration         4.25

Performers    Emmett Berry, t; Vic Dickenson, tb; Edmond Hall, tb; Eddie Heywood p; Billy Taylor, b; Sid Catlett, d. 18 Dec 1943.



Artist               Billie Holiday

Title                Me, Myself And I

Composer       Gordon, Kaufman, Roberts

Album             Billie Holiday/Lester Young Compete Studio Recordings

Label               Essential Jazz Classics

Number          55683 CD 1 Track 18

Duration         2.38

Performers    Billie Holiday, v; Buck Clayton, t; Edmond Hall, t; Lester Young, ts; James Sherman, p; Freddie Green, g; Walter Page, b; Jo Jones, d. 15 June 1937.




Artist               Erroll Garner

Title                Misty

Composer       Garner / Burke

Album             Plays Misty

Label               Naxos

Number          8.120771 Track 9

Duration         2.49

Performers    Erroll Garner, p; Wyatt Ruther , b; Fats Heard, d. 27 July 1954




Artist               Joe Lovano

Title                If You Could See Me Now

Composer       Dameron, Sigman

Album             52ndStreet Themes

Label               Blue Note

Number          7243 4 96667 2 6Track 1

Duration        3.53

Performers: Tim Hagans, t; Conrad Herwig, tb; Joe Lovano Steve Slagle, George Garzone, Ralph Lalama, Gary Smulyan, reeds; John Hicks, p; Denis Irwin, b; Lewis Nash, d.  1999.



Artist               Sonny Rollins

Title                Sonnymoon for Two

Composer       Rollins

Album             A Night at the Village Vanguard

Label               Blue Note

Number          1851 CD 2 Track 3

Duration         8.46

Performers: Sonny Rollins, ts; Wilbur Ware, b; Elvin Jones, d. 3 Nov 1957.



Artist               Lalo Schifrin

Title                Versailles Promenade

Composer       Schifrin

Album The Dissection and Reconstruction of Music From the Past as Performed by the Inmates of Lalo Schifrin’s Demented Ensemble as a Tribute to the Memory of the Marquis De Sade

Label               Verve

Number          Track 6

Duration         4.04

Performers    Lalo Schifrin, harpsichord; Richard Davis, b; Grady Tate, d. April 1966.




Artist               Art Pepper

Title                The Trip

Composer       Pepper

Album             The Trip

Label               Contemporary

Number          7638 track 1

Duration         8.57

Performers:   Art Pepper, as; George Cables, p; David Williams, b; Elvin Jones, d. Sept 1976



Artist               Elvin Jones

Title                Ural Stradania

Composer       Foster

Album             Coalition

Label               Blue Note

Number          84361 Track 4

Duration         8.29

Performers: George Coleman, ts, bcl; Frank Foster ts; Wilbur Little, b; Elvin Jones, d; Candido Camera, perc. 1970.



Artist               Miles Davis

Title                Time after time

Composer       Lauper / Hyman

Album             You’re Under Arrest

Label               Columbia

Number          Track 7

Duration         3.37

Performers    Miles Davis, t; John Scofield, g; Robert Irving III kb; Darryl Jones, b; Al Foster d, Steve Thornton, perc. 1985.