JRR 4 August

JRR 040818




Artist               Herbie Hancock

Title                Maiden Voyage

Composer       Hancock

Album             Complete Blue Note 60s Sessions

Label               Blue Note

Number          B2BN 7243 4 95569 2 8 CD 4 T 1

Duration         7.55

Performers:   Freddie Hubbard, t; George Coleman, ts; Herbie Hancock, p; Ron Carter, b; Tony Williams, d. 17 March 1965.




Artist               Bill Watrous and Carl Fontana

Title                Memories of You

Composer       Blake, Razaf

Album             Bill Watrous and Carl Fontana

Label               Atlas

Number          LA27 1030 track 2

Duration         7.46

Performers    Bill Watrous tb; Ross Tomkins, p; Bob Maize, b; Jake Hanna, d. May 1984.





Artist               Clifford Brown / Max Roach quintet

Title                Land’s End

Composer       Land

Album             Complete Emarcy Recordings

Label               Mosaic

Number          MRLP 3004 LP3 Side 1 Track 4

Duration         4.47

Performers: Clifford Brown, t; Harold Land, ts; Richie Powell, p; George Morrow, b; Max Roach, d.




Artist               Ben Webster

Title                Londonderry Air (1st set)

Composer       trad. Arr Webster

Album             Soho Nights Vol. 1

Label               Re-Steamed

Number          RSJ 106 Track 5

Duration         4.43

Performers: Ben Webster, ts; Stan Tracey, p; Dave Green, b; Tony Crombie, d. 1968




Artist               Adrian Rollini and Goofus Five

Title                Ain’t That a Grand and Glorious Feeling


Album             The Goofus Five 1926-7

Label               Timeless

Number         1-017 Track 21

Duration         3.03

Performers: Chelsea Quealey, t; Al Philburn, tb; Bobby Davis, cl, as, ss; Sam Ruby, ts; Jack Russin, p; Tommy Felline, bj; Adrian Rollini, bassx; goofus, Herb Weil, d; Ted Wallace, v. 15 June 1927




Artist               Louis Armstrong + Billie Holiday

Title                Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans

Composer       DeLange / Alter

Album             New Orleans – Soundtrack

Label               Upbeat

Number          276 Track 23

Duration         1.45

Performers, Louis Armstrong, t, v; Billie Holiday, v; Barney Bigard, cl; Kid Ory, tb; Charlie Beal, p; Red Callendar, b; Zutty Singleton, d. 1946




Artist               Django Reinhardt

Title                D R Blues

Composer       Reinhardt

Album             Keep Cool – guitar solos 1950-53

Label               El / Five Four

Number          14 Track 12

Duration        3.13

Performers    Django Reinhardt, g; Maurice Vander, p; Pierre Michelot, b; Pierre Lamarchand, d. Jan 1953





Artist               Duke Ellington

Title                The Jeep Is Jumpin’

Composer       Hodges

Album             Meets Coleman Hawkins

Label               Impulse

Number          06007 5334729 Track 7

Duration         4.49

Performers: Ray Nance, t; Johnny Hodges, as; Coleman Hawkins, ts; Lawrence Brown, tb; Duke Ellington p; Aaron Ball, b; Sam Woodyard, d. 1962




Artist               Count Basie

Title                Easin’ It

Composer       Foster

Album             1957-62 Live in Paris

Label               Fremeaux

Number          5619 CD 2 Track 7

Duration         5.26

Performers: Sonny Cohn, Snooky Young, Thad Jones, Al Aarons, t; Henry Coker, Benny Powell, Quentin Jackson, tb; Marshall Royal Frank Wess, Frank Foster, Eric Dixon, Charlie Fowlkes, reeds; Count Basie, p; Freddie Green, g; Eddie Jones, b; Sonny Payne, d. 5 May 1962



Artist               Freddie Green

Title                Up In the Blues

Composer       Green arr Cohn

Album             Mr Rhythm

Label               Fresh Sound

Number          1647 Track 1

Duration         2.33

Performers    Joe Newman, t; Henry Coker, tb; Al Cohn, ts; Nat Pierce, p; Freddie Green g; Milt Hinton, b; Osie Johnson, d. 18 Dec 1955




Artist               Camilla George

Title                Isang

Composer       George

Album             Isang

Label               Ubuntu

Number          Track 4

Duration         3.38

Performers    Camilla George, as; Sarah Tandy, p; Daniel Casimir, b; Femi Koleoso, d. 2017




Artist               Will Todd

Title                Benedictus

Composer       Todd

Album             Mass in Blue

Label               Signum

Number          Track 5

Duration         4.04

Performers: Will Todd band, Vasari Singers, Bethany Halliday soprano.