JRR 19 August

JRR 190817



Artist               Coleman Hawkins

Title                Swingin’ Scotch

Composer       Hawkins

Album             Today and Now

Label               Impulse

Number          A34 Track 6

Duration         5.32

Performers: Coleman Hawkins, ts; Tommy Flanagan, p; Major Holley, b; Eddie Locke, d. Sept 1962.





Artist               Shelly Manne

Title                I Could Have Danced All NIght

Composer       Lerner / Loewe

Album             Modern Jazz Performances of songs from My Fair Lady

Label               Original Jazz Classics

Number          OJC 336 Track 8

Duration         3.01

Performers: Andre Previn, p; Leroy Vinnegar, b; Shelly Manne, d. 1956




Artist               Doris Day and Andre Previn

Title                Close Your Eyes

Composer       Petkere

Album             Duet Number Two

Label               CBS

Number          AGG 20029 Side A Track 1

Duration         3.19

Performers:   Doris Day, v; Andre Previn, p; Red Mitchell, b; Frank Kapp, d. 1961




Artist               Lucky Thompson

Title                You Don’t Know What Love Is

Composer       Raye / De Paul

Album             Happy Days Are Here Again

Label               Prestige

Number          7394 Side B Track 1

Duration         5.32

Performers: Lucky Thompson, ss; Tommy Flanagan, p; George Tucker, b; Walter Perkins, d; Jack Melady, harp; 1965.




Artist               Alex Yellowlees

Title                Fascinating Rhythm

Composer       Gershwin

Album             Life Changes

Label               CD Baby

Number          5637201753 Track 1

Duration         3.27

Performers: Alex Yellowlees, violin, Ged Brockie, Mike Nisbet, guitars; Kenny Ellis, bass. 2008




Artist               Chris Barber

Title                Doin’ The Crazy Walk

Composer       Ellington / Mills

Album             1955

Label               Lake

Number          LACB 235 Track 9

Duration         2.32

Performers: Pat Halcox, t; Monty Sunshine, cl; Chris Barber tb; Lonnie Donegan, bj; Mickey Ashman, b; Ron Bowden, d. 16 Sept 1955.





Artist               Lester Young

Title                I’ve Found an New Baby

Composer       Palmer / Williams

Album             Lester Young Story

Label               Proper

Number          Properbox 8 CD 3 Track 20

Duration         4.07

Performers:   Lester Young, ts; Nat King Cole, p; Buddy Rich, d. Dec 1945.




Artist               Charles Mingus (with Lionel Hampton)

Title                Mingus Fingers

Composer       MIngus

Album             The Young Rebel

Label               Proper

Number          Properbox 77 CD 1 Track 16

Duration         3.06

Performers: Leo Sheppard, Duke Garrette, Walter Williams, Wendell Culley, Teddy Buckner, t; Andrew Penn, James Robinson, Britt Woodman, James Womick, tb; Bobby Player, Ben Kynard, Jackie Kelso, Morris Lane, John Sparrow, Charlie Fowlkes, reeds; Lionel Hampton, vib; Milt Buckner, p; Joe Comfort, Charles Mingus, b; Earl Walker, d. 10 Nov 1947.






Artist               Gabriel Latchin

Title                It Had To Be You

Composer       Jones / Kahn

Album             Introducing Gabriel Latchin Trio

Label               Alys

Number          AJ 1501 Track 2

Duration         4.33

Performers: Gabriel Latchin, p; Tom Farmer, b; Josh Morrison, d. 2017.




Artist               Big Bad Wolf

Title                Hopkins’ Choice

Composer       Dawson, DeSouza, Luft, Davis

Album             Pond Life

Label               Big Bad Wolf

Number          024545783926 Track 5

Duration         4.33

Performers: Owen Dawson, tb; Michael DeSouza, b; Rob Luft, g; Jay Davis, d. 2016.





Artist               Sonny Simmons

Title                Visions

Composer       Simmons

Album             Manhattan Egos

Label               Arhoolie

Number          8003 Side B track 3

Duration         6.08

Performers    Sonny Simmons, as; Barbara Donald, t; Juma Sultan, b, perc; Paul Smith, d; 1969.




Artist               Jimmy Smith

Title                Walk on the Wild Side

Composer       Bernstein / David

Album             The Verve Album

Label               Verve

Number          560395-2 CD 2 Track 3

Duration         3.20

Performers    Jimmy Smith, org, with Oliver Nelson’s Orchestra: Joe Norman, Ernie Royal, Doc Severinson, Joe Wilder, t; Jimmy Cleveland, Urbie Green, tb, Britt Woodman, Tom Mitchell, tb; Jerry Dodgion, Phil Woods, Bob Ashton, Babe Clark, George Barrow, reeds; Barry Galbraith, g; George Duvivier, b; Ed Shaughnessy, d. March 1962.




Artist               Andrea Motis

Title                Save The Orang Utan

Composer       Motis

Album             Emotional Dance

Label               Impulse

Number          0602557317947 Track 11

Duration         4.01

Performers: Andrea Motis, t; Joel Frahm, ts; Ignasi Terraza, p; Joan Chamorro, b; Esteve Pi, d. 2017.