JRR 14 Jan

JRR 140117



Artist               Oscar Peterson

Title                Topsy

Composer       Durham, Battle

Album             Three Classic Albums Plus

Label               Avid

Number          1106 CD 2 Track 9

Duration         4.22

Performers: Oscar Peterson, p; Herb Ellis, g; Ray Brown, b; Buddy Rich, d. Dec 1955.




Artist               John Graas

Title                Darn That Dream

Composer       DeLange, Van Heusen

Album             Studio 2 From Hollywood

Label               Columbia

Number          330SX 7515 Side B Track 2

Duration         6.46

Performers: Herb Geller, as; John Graas, frh; Don Fagerquist, t; Milt Bernhardt, tb; Marty Paich, p; Curtis Counce, b; Larry Bunker, d, 1954



Artist               Alison Rayner

Title                Mayday

Composer       Rayner

Album             A Magic Life

Label               Blow The Fuse

Number          1613   Track 4

Duration         3.57

Performers: Diane McLaughlin, reeds; Deidre Cartwright, g; Steve Lodder, kb; Alison Rayner, b and Buster Birch, d. 2016.




Artist               Quincy Jones

Title                Guitar Blues Odyssey, From Roots to Fruits

Composer       Jones

Album             Smackwater Jack

Label               A&M

Number          Track 8

Duration         6.35

Performers Quincy Jones Orchestra plus: Eric Gale, Arthur Adams, Freddie Robinson, Joe Beck, Jim Hall, Toots Thielemans, g. 1971.




Artist               Chris Barber and Bob Hunt

Title                Creole Love Call

Composer       Ellington / Miley

Album             Misty Morning

Label               Timeless

Number          TTD 641 Track 7

Duration         7.08

Performers    Chris Barber, Bob Hunt, tb; Paul Sealey, bj; John Slaughter, g; Vic Pitt, b; Colin Miller, d. 11 Dec 2000




Artist               Chris Barber

Title                Petite Fleur

Composer       Bechet

Album             Great British Jazz

Label               Smith and Co

Number          1143 cD 2 Track 22

Duration         2.45

Performers    Monty Sunshine, cl; Dickie Bishop, g; Chris Barber, b; Ron Bowden, d.




Artist               The Dime Notes

Title                Otis Stomp

Composer       Andrew Oliver

Album             The Dime Notes

Label               LeJazz Et Al

Number          LJCD16 Track 7

Duration         4.16

Performers    Andrew Oliver, p; David Horniblow, cl; Dave Kelbie, g; Tom Wheatley, b. 2016




Artist               Blues Excursion

Title                Humphrey Lyttelton

Composer       Lyttelton

Album             Bad Penny Blues

Label               Lake

Number          238 CD 1 Track 10

Duration         11.40

Performers    Humphrey Lyttelton, t; Wally Fawkes, cl; Bruce Turner, as; John Picard, tb; Johnny Parker, p; Freddy Legon, g; Jim Bray, b; Stan Greig, d. 25 Aug 1955.




Artist               World Service Project

Title                Fuming Duck

Album             For King and Country

Label               Rare Noise

Number          Track 2

Duration         5.38

Performers    Dave Morecroft – keyboard, vocals; Tim Ower, saxophone; Raphael Clarkson – trombone, vocals; Arthur O’Hara – bass; Harry Pope – drums; 2016