Hallowe’en JRR

JRR 31 10 15


Artist                        Johnny Griffin

Title                        Wee Dot

Composer            Johnson

Album                        From Johnny Griffin With Love

Label                        Storyville

Number            1088605 CD 1 Track 3

Duration             4.51

Performers            Johnny Griffin, ts; Kenny Drew, p; NHOP, b; Art Taylor., d. 12 Dec 1964



Artist                        J J Johnson

Title                        Lament

Composer            ?

Album                        Tangence

Label                        Gitanes Jazz

Number            314 526 588-2 Track 6

Duration             5.26

Performers: Robert Farnon Orchestra: Derek Healey, Kenny Baker, Nigel Carter, Ronnie Hughes, Simon Gardner, t; J J Johnson, Bill Geldard, Colin Sheen, Don Lusher, Gordon Campbell, tb; Denis Walton, Roy Willox, Tommy Whittle, Joseph Sanders, Peter Hughes, Ray Swinfield, reeds; Louis Stewart, g; Chris Laurence, b; Terry Jenkins, d; plus strings. July 1994.



Artist                        Ray Warleigh / Tommy Chase

Title                        Speak Low

Composer            Weill / Nash

Album                        One Way

Label                        Spotlite

Number            track 3

Duration             5.44

Performers: Ray Warleigh, as; John Burch, p; Danny Padmore, b; Tommy Chase, d. 1979.



Artist                        Mel Torme / Marty Paich

Title                        The Blues

Composer            ?

Album                        Dektette Reunion

Label                        Concord

Number            4360 Track 7

Duration             4.41

Performers            Mel Torme, v; Warren Launing, Jack Shel;don, t; Bob Enevoldsen, Lou McCreary, tb; Jim Self, tu; Ken Peplowski, Bob Efford, Gary Foster, reeds; Pete Jolly, p; Chuck Berghoferm b; Jeff Hamilton, d; Marty Paich, dir. 1988



Artist                        Fats Waller

Title                        When Somebody Thinks You’re Wonderful

Composer            Woods

Album                        Handful of Keys

Label                        Proper

Number            Properbox 71 CD 3 Track 2

Duration             3.39

Performers            Herman Autrey, t; Gene Sedric, cl, ts; Fats Waller, v, p; James Smith, g; Charles Turner, b; Yank Porter, d. 29 Nov 1935.



Artist                        George Webb

Title                        South

Composer            Moten, Hayes

Album                        Jazz In Britain

Label                        Marshall Cavendish

Number            CD 049 Track 22

Duration             2.18

Performers            Owen Bryce, Reg Rigden, t; Wally Fawkes, cl; Eddie Harvey, tb; George, Webb, p; Buddy Vallis, bj; Arthur Streatfield, tu; Roy Wykes, d. 9 Nov 1946.



Artist                        Johnny Dodds and His Chicago Boys

Title                        Melancholy Blues

Composer            Bloom, Melrose

Album                        New Orleans Jazz Giants 1936-40

Label                        JSP

Number            336 Track 14

Duration             2.35

Performers            Charlie Shavers, t; Johnny Dodds, cl; Lil Armstrong, p; Teddy Bunn, g; John Kirby, b; O’Neill Spencer, d. 21 Jan 1938.



Artist                        Oscar Peterson

Title                        Take The A Train

Composer            Strayhorn

Album                        Exclusively For My Friends, Vol 4 My Favorite Instrument

Label                        MPS

Number            02110325MSW CD4 Track 9

Duration             2.39

Performers            Oscar Peterson, p. 1968.







Artist                        Erroll Garner

Title                        Bernie’s Tune

Composer            Miller, Lieber, Stoller

Album                        The Complete Concert By The Sea

Label                        Columbia Legacy

Number            88875120842 CD 1 Track 13

Duration             4.38

Performers            Erroll Garner, p; Eddie Calhoun, b; Denzil Best, d.



Artist                        Charlie Christian

Title                        As Long As I Live

Composer            Koehler, Arlen

Album                        The Original Guitar Genius

Label                        Proper

Number            Properbox 98 CD 2 Track 7

Duration             3.21

Performers            Cootie Williams, t; Benny Goodman, cl; Georgie Auld, ts; Count Basie, p; Charlie Christian, g; Artie Bernstein, b; Harry Jaeger, d. 7 Nov 1940.



Artist                        John Coltrane

Title                        Equinox

Composer            Coltrane

Album                        The Heavyweight Champion

Label                        Atlantic / Rhino

Number            R2 71984 CD 6 Track 3

Duration             8.5

Performers            John Coltrane, ts; McCoy Tyner, p; Steve Davis, b; Elvin Jones, d. 26 Oct 1960.



Artist                        Perez Pattitucci Blade

Title                        Sunburn and Mosquito

Composer            Perez

Album                        Children of the Light

Label                        Mack Avenue

Number            1104 Track 2

Duration             4.34

Performers            Danilo Perez, p; John Pattitucci, b; Brian Blade, d. 2015.