23 May JRR

JRR 23 May 2015



Artist                        Digby Fairweather

Title                        Jumping The Blues

Composer            McShann / Parker

Album                        BBC Jazz from the 70s an 80s in Stereophonic Sound Vol 2

Label                        Upbeat

Number            URC 153 Track 12

Duration             3.45

Performers: Digby Fairweather, c; Pete Strange, tb; Randy Colville, as; Collin Bates, p; Pete Skivington, b; Tony Allen, d. 22 March 1981



Artist                        Eugen Cicero

Title                        Old French Song

Composer            Tchaikowsky

Album                        Classics in Rhythm

Label                        MPS

Number            MPS 81789242 Track 11

Duration             8.01

Performers            Eugen Cicero, p; Peter Witte b; Charly Antolini, d. 1966.




Artist                        Wardell Gray

Title                        Blue Lou

Composer            Sampson, Mills

Album                        Gene Norman’s Just Jazz Concerts

Label                        Vogue

Number            EPV 1002 Side 1

Duration             9.23

Performers: Wardell Gray, ts; Errol Garner, p; Irving Ashby, g; Red Callender , b; Jackie Mills, d. April 1947.



Artist                        Carmen McRae

Title                        Skyliner

Composer            Bennett

Album                        CABU Jazz Masters: Carmen McRae Une Anthologie 1954-6

Label                        BD Jazz

Number            CD 2 Track 24

Duration             2.56

Performers            Carmen McRae and the Jack Pleis Orchestra 5 April 1956.




Artist                        Herb Hall

Title                        Creole Love Call

Composer            Ellington, Miley, Jackson

Album                        Clarinet Duets

Label                        GHB

Number            BCD 64 Track 12

Duration             4.15

Performers: Herb Hall, John Defferary, cl; Bob Barton, p; Alyn Shipton, b; Trevor Richards, d. 19 March 1981.



Artist                        Wes Montgomery

Title                        Sonny Boy

Composer            Henderson, Brown, De Sylva

Album                        Body and Soul

Label                        Candid

Number            79104 Track 1

Duration in at 0.49 out on applause at 8.19 DUR: 7.30

Performers: Wes Montgomery, g; Stan Tracey, p; Rick Laird, b; Ronnie Stephenson, d. April 1965.



Artist                        Charles Mingus

Title                        Old Portrait

Composer            Mingus

Album                        Mingus Plays Piano

Label                        Impulse

Number            Track 9

Duration             3.45

Performers            Charles Mingus p. 30 July 1963.



Artist                        Lalo Schifrin

Title                        Shifting Gears

Composer            Lalo Schrifrin

Album                        Bullitt Original Soundtrack

Label                        Warner

Number            1777 Track 9

Duration             3.17

Performers: Studio orchestra directed by Lalo Schifrin, including John Audino, Bud Brisbois, Tony Terrn, t; Milt Bernhardt, Dick Noel, Lloyd Ulyate, Lew McCreary, tb; Bud Shank, Ronnie Lang, Gene Cipriano, Bill Perkins, Jack Nimitz, Mike Melvoin, kb; Ray Brown, Max Bennett, b; Larry Bunker, d. Dec 1968.



Artist                        Gabor Szabo

Title                        Sombrero Sam

Composer            Charles Lloyd

Album                        Magical Connection

Label                        Blue Thumb

Number            BTS 8823 Track 1

Duration             5.13

Performers            Gabor Szabo, g; Lynne Blessing, vib; Richard Thompson, kb; Wolfgang Melz, b; Jim Keltner, d. May 1970.




Artist                        Lady Gaga

Title                        Lush Life

Composer            Strayhorn

Album                        Cheek to Cheek

Label                        Interscope / Columbia

Number            Track 7

Duration              4.15

Performers            Lady Gaga, v; Mike Renzi, p; studio orchestra.