JRR 7 July

JRR  07724


Artist              Tim Garland

Title                Winds of Hope

Composer       Tim Garland 

Album             Moment of Departure

Label               Ubuntu

Number          UBU0155 Track 1

Duration         5.13

Performers    Tim Garland, ss; Gwilym Simcock, p; Asaf Sirkis, d. Strings of Britten Sinfonia, leader Clio Gould. Rec: Sept 2023. Released June 2024.


Artist              Lorna Reid

Title                Sacrifice Me

Composer       Lorna Reid

Album             Falling Like Dew

Label               Lorna Reid

Number          LRCD102 Track 6

Duration         3.50

Performers    Lorna Reid, v; and band includes Colin Steele, t; Graeme Stephen, g; 2014


Artist              Miles Davis

Title                Round Midnight 

Composer       Thelonious Monk

Album             Miles Davis and John Coltrane, Complete Columbia Recordings

Label               Columbia

Number          AC6K 6583 CD 2 Track 9

Duration         5.55

Performers    Miles Davis, t; John Coltrane, ts; Red Garland, p; Paul Chambers, b; Philly Joe Jones, d 10 Sept 1956


Artist              Eliane Elias

Title                But Not For Me

Composer       Gershwin

Album             Something For You

Label               Blue Note

Number          50999514651 2 4 Track 4

Duration         3.49

Performers    Eliane Elias, p; Marc Johnson, b; Joey Baron, d. 2007.


Artist              Coleman Hawkins

Title                Body and Soul

Composer       Heyman, Green, Sour

Album             The Complete History of Jazz

Label               Proper

Number          Properbox 201, CD 2 Track 17

Duration         3.00

Performers    Tommy Lindsay, Joe Guy, t; Earl Hardy, tb; Jackie Fields, Eustace Moore, as; Coleman Hawkins, ts; Gee Rodgers, p; William Smith, b; Arthur Herbert, d. 11 Oct 1939


Artist              Lucky Thompson

Title                Where or When

Composer       Rodgers / Hart

Album             Accent on Tenor Saxophone

Label               Fresh Sound

Number          CD 355 Track 2

Duration         6.27

Performers: Lucky Thompson, ts; Billy Taylor, p; Oscar Pettiford, b; Osie Johnson, d. NYC 1954.


Artist              Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington

Title                Drop Me Off In Harlem

Composer       Ellington, Kenny

Album             Ella Fitzgerald sings the Duke Ellington Songbook

Label               Verve

Number          837035-2 CD 1 Track 2

Duration         3.48

Performers    Cat Anderson, Clark Terry, Shorty Baker, Willie Cook, Ray Nance, t; Britt Woodman, John Sanders, Quentin Jackson, tb; Johnny Hodges, Russell Procope, Jimmy Hamilton, Paul Gonsalves, Frank Foster Harry Carney, reeds; Duke Ellington, p; Ernie Shepard, b Sam Woodyard, d. Ella Fitzgerald, v. 25 June 1957.


Artist              Louie Bellson 

Title                Soar Like an Eagle

Composer       Bellson, arr. Catingub

Album             LIVE FROM NEW YORK 

Label               TELARC. 

Number          83334 Track 1

Duration         5.32

Performers    Louie Bellson, d, ldr; with Robert Millikan, Danny Cahn, Glenn Drewes, Darryl Shaw, Marvin Stamm, t; Larry farrell, Mike Davis, Keith O’Quinn, Herb Besson, tb; Joe Roccisano, Steve Wilson, Ted Nash, Scott Robinson, Jack Stuckey, reeds; Derek Smith, p; Harvie Swartz, b. Recorded Pace University New York, Dec 1993.


Artist              Helena Kay

Title                Tuesday Club

Composer       Helena Kay

Album             Golden Sands

Label               Sulis

Number          Track 6

Duration         6.08

Performers    Helena Kay ts; Peter Johnstone, p; Calum Gourlay, b; David Ingamells, d. 2022


Artist              Pi

Title                In Eternam

Composer       Nicols, Bass, Hargreaves, Harrison

Album             Siapiau

Label               Discus Music

Number          161 Track 1

Duration         2.28

Performers    Maggie NIcols, v; Fran Bass, b; Phil Hargeaves, fl; Richard Harrison, perc. 2023.


Artist              Gianluigi Trovesi

Title                L’Epilogo Cosi Tosca

Composer       Giacomo Puccini, Narale Arnoldi

Album             Profumo di Violetta

Label               ECM

Number          177 3124 Track 23

Duration         8.52

Performers    Gianluigi Trovesi, as; Dario Zanni, ts; Stefano Bartoli, d; with the wind sections of the orchestra Filarmonica Mousiké, Sept 2006.