JRR 23 July

JRR  230723



Artist               Johnny Hodges and Wild Bill Davis

Title                The Jeep is Jumpin’

Composer       Duke Ellington

Album             Con-Soul & Sax

Label               RCA Victor

Number          LSP 3393 S 1 T 5

Duration         2.35

Performers    Johnny Hodges, as; Wild Bill Davis, org; Mundell Lowe, Dickie Thompson, g; Milt Hinton, b; Osie Johnson, d. 1965.



Artist               Dave Brubeck

Title                Blue Rondo A La Turk

Composer       Brubeck

Album             Time Out

Label               Columbia

Number          CS 8192 Track 1

Duration         6.44

Performers    Paul Desmond, as; Dave Brubeck, p; Gene Wright, b; Joe Morello, d. 1959.



Artist               Wynton Marsalis Quintet featuring Oni Marsalis

Title                Winter Wonderland

Composer       Felix Bernard / Richard Smith

Album             single

Label               Blue Engine Records

Number          no number / only track

Duration         2.35

Performers    Oni Marsalis, v; Wynton Marsalis, t; Camille Thurman, reeds; Dan Nimmer, p; Philip Norris, b; T J Reddick, d; 4 Nov 2018.



Artist               Dave Cliff

Title                Sippin’ at Bells

Composer       Miles Davis

Album             Sippin’ At Bells

Label               Spotlite

Number          SPJ CD553 Track 14

Duration         3.57

Performers    Dave Cliff, g; Geoff Simkins, as; Simon Woolf, b; Mark Taylor, d. 1995



Artist               John Barnes / Roy Williams Quintet

Title                Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans

Composer       Alter / DeLange

Album             BBC Jazz from the 70s and 80s vol 1

Label               Upbeat

Number          URCD 152 Track 15

Duration         5.28

Performers    John Barnes, bars; Roy Williams, tb; Brian Lemon, p; Len Skeat, b; Stan Burke, d. c 1982.



Artist               Andrews Sisters

Title                Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree

Composer       Brown, Stept, Tobias

Album             The Ultimate Andrews Sisters

Label               EMI

Number          Track 3

Duration         2.58

Performers    Maxene, Patti and Laverne Andrews, with Vic Schoen and his Orchestra. 1942.



Artist               Terence Collie

Title                Ephemeral

Composer       Terence Collie

Album             Reminiscent

Label               tcollie.co.uk

Number          No number given; Track 1

Duration         5.42

Performers    Terence Collie, p. 7 Feb 2023.



Artist               Mike Taylor

Title                Pendulum

Composer       Mike Taylor

Album             Pendulum

Label               Sunbeam

Number          BRCD 5034 Track 4

Duration         7.49

Performers    Mike Taylor, p; Ron Rubin, b; Jon Hiseman, d; Dave Tomlin, ss. Rec. 1965.



Artist               Wilma Baan

Title                Look at me now

Composer       Baan

Album             Look at me now

Label               wilmabaan.com

Number          Track 1

Duration         3.23

Performers    Wilma Baan – voice; Graham Harvey – piano;  Nigel Price – guitar;Jeremy Brown – double bass; Sebastiaan de Krom – drums , Nov 2022.



Artist               Andy Sheppard

Title                Eduardo Goes Shopping

Composer       Sheppard

Album             Dancing Man and Woman

Label               Provocateur

Number          PVC 1020 Track 7

Duration         5.39

Performers    Andy Sheppard, ss; Steve Lodder, kb; John Parricelli, g; Chris Laurence, Steve Swallow, b; Paul Clarvis, perc; Kuljit Bhamra, perc. 1999.



Artist               George Russell

Title                Stratusphunk

Composer       George Russell

Album             Stratusphunk

Label               Riverside

Number          RLP 9341 S1 T 1

Duration         6.08

Performers    Al Kiger, t; David Baker, tb; Dave Young, ts; George Russell, p; Chuck Israels, b; Joe Hunt, d. 16 Oct 1960.