JRR 19 July

JRR 190720


Artist               Gerry Mulligan sextet

Title                It Don’t Mean a Thing

Composer       Ellington / Mills

Album             California Concerts Vol 2

Label               Pacific Jazz

Number          CDP 7 468642 Track 13

Duration         3.44

Performers    Jon Eardley, t; Bob Brookmeyer, vtb; Zoot Sims, ts; Gerry Mulligan, bars; Red Mitchell, b; Larry Bunker, d. 14 Dec 1954




Artist               Django Reinhardt

Title                Manoir de mes Reves

Composer       Reinhardt

Album             Retrospective

Label               Saga

Number          038 161-2 CD 2 Track 6

Duration         3.20

Performers    Andre Lluis, Gerard Leveque, cl; Django Reinhardt, Eugene Vees, g; Jean Storne, b; Gaston Leonard, d. 17 Feb 1943



Artist               Blossom Dearie

Title                If I Were A Bell

Composer       Loesser

Album             Once Upon a Summertime

Label               Essential Jazz Classics

Number          55458 Track 5

Duration         3.08

Performers    Blossom Dearie, v, p; Mundell Lowe, g; Ray Brown, b; Ed Thigpen, d. Sept 1958



Artist               Midland Youth Jazz Orchestra

Title                Tail End Charlie

Composer       Bill Finegan

Album             Flying Home

Label               MYJO

Number          Track 9

Duration         2.58

Performers    Midland Youth Jazz Orchestra 2010.



Artist               Jimmy Giuffre Trio

Title                The Train and The River

Composer       Guiffre

Album             Jazz on a Summer’s Day

Label               Charly

Number          X 686 CD 2 Track 1

Duration         4.34

Performers:   Jimmy Giuffre, cl, ts; Bob Brookmeyer, vtb; Jim Hall, g. 1958



Artist               Louis Armstrong

Title                Wild Man Blues

Composer       Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton

Album             The Okeh, Columbia and RCA Victor Recordings 1925-33

Label               Columbia Legacy

Number          88697945652 CD 2 Track 10

Duration         3.18

Performers    Louis Armstrong, t; John Thomas, tb; Johnny Dodds, cl; Lil Armstrong, p; Johnny St Cyr, bj; Pete Briggs, tu; Baby Dodds, d. 7 May 1927



Artist               Claire Martin and Callum Au

Title                Let’s Get Lost

Composer       Frank Loesser / Jimmy McHugh

Album             Songs and Stories

Label               Stunt

Number          20062 Track 2

Duration         4.14

Performers    Claire Martin, v; Louis Dowdeswell, Tom Walsh, George Hogg, James Davison, t; Andy Martin, Andy Wood, Callum Au, Chris Traves, Barry Clements, tb; Sam Mayne, Simon Marsh, Paul Booth, Tom Richards, Martin Williams, reeds; Rob Barron, p; Tommy Emmerton, g; Jeremy Brown, David Hughes, b; Matt Skelton, Jamey Tate, d; James Turner, Joey De Leon, perc. 2019



Artist               Esbjorn Svensson Tio

Title                Serenade for a Renegade

Composer       Svensson

Album             Strange Place For Snow

Label               ACT

Number          9011-2 Track 2

Duration         4.26

Performers    Esbjorn Svensson, p; Dan Berglund, b; Magnus Ostrom, d. 2001



Artist               Stan Tracey / Keith Tippett

Title                Parallax

Composer       Tracey / Tippett

Album             Supernova

Label               Resteamed

Number          RSJ 105 Track 3

Duration         6.10

Performers    Stan Tracey, p;  Keith Tippett, p. 1977.



Artist               Don Weller

Title                Killing me Softly

Composer       Charles Fox

Album             Nine Songs

Label               Trio

Number          Track 4

Duration         5.59

Performers    Don Weller, ts; Mark Edwards, p; Andrew Cleyndert, b; Spike Wells, d; Simon Baggs, Ruth Funnnell, vn; Rachel Calaminus, vla; Matthew Forbes, vc. May 2007



Artist               Don Weller Big Band

Title                Four By Three

Composer       Weller

Album             Don Weller Big Band Live

Label               33 Records

Number          032 Track 1

Duration         11.38

Performers    Gerard Presencer, Henry Lowther, Patrick White, Steve Waterman, t; Andy Fawbert, Mark Nightingale, Malcolm Griffiths, Pete Beachill, tb; Nigel Hitchcock, Peter King, Don Weller, Mornington Lockett, Alan Barnes, reeds; David Newton, p; Andrew Cleyndert, b; Bryan Spring, d. 1997