JRR 29 Dec

Here are some of the records of the year (or almost) suggested by listeners:


JRR 291218



Artist               New York All Stars

Title                I Could Have Danced All NIght

Composer       Lowe

Album             Burnin’ In London

Label               Ubuntu

Number          UBU0012 Track 2

Duration         10.04

Performers: Eric Alexander, ts; Harold Mabern, p; Darryl Hall, b; Berndt Reiter, d. Nov 2017.



Artist               Ingrid Jensen and Steve Treseler

Title                Foxy Trot

Composer       Wheeler

Album             Invisible Sounds

Label               Whirlwind

Number          4729 Track 1

Duration         7.40

Performers: Ingrid Jensen – trumpet and effects ; Steve Treseler – tenor sax; Geoffrey Keezer – piano; Martin Wind – double bass; Jon Wikan – drums; Christine Jensen – soprano. 2015 (released Oct 2018)



Artist               John Taylor / Stan Sulzmann

Title                Ocean Deep

Composer       Sulzmann

Album             Double Vision

Label               Inversion

Number          INV002 Track 11

Duration         5.40

Performers: Stan Sulzmann, ts; John Taylor, p. 1990.



Artist               Francesco Diodati and Yellow Squeeds

Title                Casa Do Amor

Composer       Diodati

Album             Flow Home

Label               AUAND

Number          9056 Track 9

Duration         4.01

Performers: Francesco Lento, t; Francesco Diodati, g; Enrico Zanisi, p; Glauco Benedetti, tu; Enrico Morello, d;



Artist               Scott McLemore

Title                Above the Horizon

Composer       McLemore

Album             The Multiverse

Label               Sunny/Sky

Number          737 Track 2

Duration         5.07

Performers: Scott McLemore, d; Milmar Jensen, Pierre Perchaud, g; Mats Eilartsen, b. March 2018.



Artist               Dave Holdsworth’s New Brew

Title                Lickety Split

Composer       Holdsworth

Album             Wodgi

Label               Capton Records

Number          01 Track 12

Duration         7.30

Performers: Dave Holdsworth, t; Alan Wakeman, ts; Roz Harding, as; Marcus Vergette, b; Coach York, d. Feb 2018.



Artist               Adrian Cox

Title                Dawn On The Desert

Composer       Edmond Hall

Album             Profoundly Blue

Label               APP Records

Number          Track 10

Duration         3.55

Performers    Adrian Cox, cl; Joe Webb, p; Simon Read, b; Gethin Jones, d. 2018.



Artist               Fiona Monbet

Title                Valse

Composer       Monbet

Album             Contrebande

Label               Crescendo

Number          Track 1

Duration         4.06

Performers    Fiona Monbet, vn; Pierre Cussac (accordion), Damien Varaillon (bass) Antoine Boyer (guitar). 2018



Artist               Rosie Frater Taylor

Title                In A Dream

Composer       Taylor

Album             On My Mind

Label               Frater-Taylor

Number          Track 6

Duration         5.48

Performers    Rosie Frater-Taylor ukulele, g, b, v; Steve Taylor, d. 2018