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JRR 310318




Artist               Humphrey Lyttelton

Title                Skeleton in the Cupboard

Composer       Johnson

Album             Bad Penny Blues 1955-56

Label               Lake

Number          LACD 328 CD 2 Track 7

Duration         2.35

Performers: Humphrey Lyttelton, t; Wally Fawkes, cl; Bruce Turner, as; John Picard, tb; Johnny Parker, p; Freddy Legon, g; Jim Bray, b; Stan Grieg, d. 24 Jan 1956.




Artist               Jelly Roll Morton

Title                Ain’t Misbehavin

Composer       Waller, Razaf

Album             Complete Library of Congress Recordings

Label               Rounder

Number          CD 6 Track 16

Duration         4.11

Performers    Jelly Roll Morton, p, v. 1938




Artist               Louis Armstrong

Title                Willie The Weeper

Composer       Melrose, Rymal, Bloom

Album             The Okeh, Columbia and Victor Recordings, 1925-33

Label               Columbia Legacy

Number          88697945652 CD 2 Track 9

Duration         3.11

Performers    Louis Armstrong, c; John Thomas, tb; Johnny Dodds, cl; Lil Armstrong, p; Johnny St Cyr, bj; Pete Briggs, tu; Baby Dodds, d. 7 May 1927.




Artist               George Shearing

Title                Skye Boat Song

Composer       trad

Album             George Shearing at Home

Label               Jazzknight

Number          001 Track 6

Duration         4.11

Performers    George Shearing p; Don Thompson, b. 1983




Artist               Stan Tracey

Title                Mainframe

Composer       Tracey

Album             Portraits Plus

Label               Blue Note

Number          0777 7 80696 2 1 Track 6

Duration         11.19

Performers    Guy Barker, t; Peter King, as; Don Weller, Art Themen, ts; Malcolm Griffiths, tb; Stan Tracey, tb; Dave Green, b; Clark Tracey, d. 1992




Artist               Peter King

Title                Lush LIfe

Composer       Strayhorn

Album             Lush Life

Label               Miles Music

Number          CD 085 Track 2

Duration         4.30

Performers    Peter King, as. 1998




Artist               Julian Argüelles, Mario Leghina, Helge Andreas Norbakken

Title                Mãos na parede

Composer       Leghina

Album             Setembro

Label               Edition

Number          1099 Track 1

Duration         4.56

Performers: Julian Argüelles, ss; Mario Leghina, p; Helge Andreas Norbakken, perc, 2017.




Artist               Joe Thomas

Title                Blues for baby

Composer       Thomas

Album             Mainstream

Label               Atlantic

Number          1303 Side B Track 2

Duration         12.50

Performers: Joe Thomas, Johnny Letman, t; Dickie Wells, tb; Buster Bailey, cl; Buddy Tate, ts; Herbie Nichols, p; Everett Barksdale, g; Bill Pemberton, b; Jimmy Crawford, d. 1958




Artist               Humphrey Lyttelton

Title                The Onions

Composer       Bechet

Album             Classic Live Concerts

Label               Lake

Number          253 CD 1 Track 19

Duration         4.45

Performers    Humphrey Lyttelton, t; Wally Fawkes, cl; Bruce Turner, as; John Picard, tb; Johnny Parker, p; Freddy Legon, g; Micky Ashman, b; George Hopkinson, d. 28 Nov 1954