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LIVE MUSIC: Paul Edis: ‘There Will Be Time’ (from the album of the same name)




Artist               Bill Evans / Tony Bennett

Title                You Must Believe in Spring

Composer       Bergman, Bergman, Deny

Album             Together Again

Label               Improv

Number          7117 Track 10

Duration         5.51

Performers: Tony Bennett, v; Bill Evans, p. 1977.




Artist               Louis Armstrong

Title                We Have All The Time In The World

Composer       Barry / David

Album             n/a

Label               United Artists

Number          35059 Side A

Duration         3.08

Performers    Louis Armstrong, t, with John Barry Orchestra




Artist               Eddie Jefferson

Title                Now’s The Time

Composer       Parker

Album             Body and Soul

Label               Prestige

Number          7619 Track 8

Duration         4.30

Performers: Eddie Jefferson, v; Dave Burns, t; James Moody, ts; Barry Harris, p; Steve Davis, b; Bill English, d. 1968






Artist               Bobby Bryant

Title                Hair

Composer       McDermot

Album             The Jazz Excursion Into Hair

Label               World Pacific

Number          ST 209159 Sa T 4

Duration         5.02

Performers: Bobby Bryant, Bill Peterson, Buddy Childers, Reunald Jones, Paul Hubinon, Freddie Hill, t; Bob Brookmeyer, Charles Loper, Mike Wimberley, tb; Bud Shank, Ernie Watts, reeds; Joe Sample kb; Freddie Robinson, g; Wilton Felder, b; Paul Humphrey, d. 1969





Artist               Soil and “Pimp” Sessions

Title                The Assassin’s Assassin

Composer       ?

Album             Circles

Label               Victor

Number          VICL 64049 track 2

Duration         2.38

Performers Ringo Sheena, v; Tabu Zombie, t; Motoharu, reeds; Josei, kb; Akita Goldman, b; Midorin, d. 7 Aug 2013




Artist               Andy Sheppard / Kathryn Tickell

Title                Music for a new Crossing Part 3

Composer       Sheppard / Tickell

Album             Music For a New Crossing

Label               Provocateur

Number          PVC 2001 Track 3

Duration        4.19

Performers: Andy Sheppard, ss; electronics, Kathryn Tickell, Northumbrian Pipes, Chris Wells, perc. July 2001.








Artist               Denny Zeitlin / Charlie Haden

Title                ‘Time Remembers One Time Once


Album             ‘Time Remembers One Time Once

Label               ECM

Number          2301 239 Side A Track 4

Duration                     4.27

Performers    Denny Zeitlin, p; Charlie Haden, b. Keystone Korner, SF, July 1981.






Artist               Eddie Rosner

Title                St Louis Blues

Composer       Handy

Album             That Devilin’ Tune

Label               West Hill Radio Archive

Number          6005 Vol 3 CD 8 Track 19

Duration        2.55

Performers: Eddie Rosner and orchestra, 25 Sep 1944





Artist               Nikki Iles / Stan Sulzmann

Title                I Guess I’ll Hang my Tears out to Dry

Composer       Cahn, Styne

Album             Stardust

Label               Jellymould

Number          JJ020

Duration         7.39

Performers    Nikki Iles / Stan Sulzmann



LIVE MUSIC: Paul Edis: Vignette 3.00