JRR 13 Aug

Artist  Edmond Hall
Title  Swingin’
Composer Hall
Album  Four Classic Albums
Label  Avid
Number  CD 1 Track 14
Duration  2.47
Performers:  Ed Hall, cl; Dick Cary, p; Jimmy Raney, g: Al Hall, b; Jimmy Crawford, d. 1959.


Artist  Mamie Smith
Title  Crazy Blues
Composer Bradford
Album  Jazz: A History of the NY Scene
Label  RBF
Number  RF3 Side A Track 3
Duration  3.25
Performers:  Mamie Smith v; Addington Major or Johnny Dunn, c; Dope Andrews, tb; Ernest Elliott, ts; Leroy Parker, vn; Perry Bradford or Willie The Lion Smith, p; 10 August 1920


Artist  Jerry Jerome
Title  East of the Sun
Composer Bowman
Album  Something Old Something New
Label  Arbors
Number  CD 2 Tack 6
Duration  4.39
Performers:  Jerry Jerome, ts; Randy Sandke, t; George Masso, tb; Dick Hyman, p; Bucky Pizzarelli, g; Bob Haggart, b; Joe Ascione, d, 1996.


Artist  Stan Kenton
Title  Intermission Riff
Composer Wetzel
Album  Stan Kenton Story
Label  Proper
Number  Properbox 13 CD2 track 13
Duration  3.13
Performers:  Buddy Childers, Ray Wetzel, John Anderson, Russ Burgher, Bob Lymperis, t; Freddoe Zito, Ray Klein, Milt Kabak, Bart Varselona, tb; Al Anthony, Boots Mussilli, Vido Musso, Bob Cooper, Bob Gioga, reeds; Stan Kenton, p; Bob Ahern, g; Eddie Safranski, b; Ralph Collier, d. 14 Jan 1946.


Artist  Preston – Glasgow – Lowe
Title  Song To The Citadel
Composer Preston
Album  Preston – Glasgow – Lowe
Label  Whirlwind
Number  WR4686 Track 5
Duration  6.32
Performers:  David Preston, g; Kevin Glasgow, b; Laurie Lowe, d, 2014.


Artist  Hackney Colliery Band
Title  Use Somebody
Composer Followill
Album  Hackney Colliery Band
Label  Wah Wah
Number  015 Track 9
Duration  5.10
Performers:  Steve Pretty, t; and Hackney Colliery Band.


Artist  Raahsan Roland Kirk
Title  You Did It. You Did It
Composer Kirk
Album  We Free Kings
Label  Mercury
Number  Track 7
Duration  2.27
Performers Raahsan Roland Kirk flute, v; Hank Jones, p; Wendell Marshall, b’ Charlie Persip, d. 1961.


Artist  Buddy Rich
Title  Jam Session Blues
Composer Shrdlu
Album  Strike It Rich
Label  Proper
Number  Properbox Proluxe 5001 CD 3 Track 2
Duration  8.43
Performers:  Roy Eldridge, Charlie Shavers,t: Benny Carter, as; Lester Young, Flip Phillips, ts; Oscar Peterson, p; Barney Kessel, g; Ray Brown, b; Buddy Rich, d. 13 Sep 1952.


Artist  Max Kaminksy
Title  Lonesome Road
Composer Shilkret / Austin
Album  Chicago Style
Label  Jazztone
Number  1208 Track 2
Duration  7.10
Performers:  Max Kaminsky, t; Miff Mole, tb; Pee Wee Russell, cl; Joe Sullivan, piano, Jack Lesberg, b and George Wettling, drums. 1954.


Artist  Blossom Dearie
Title   Lover Man O Where Can You Be
Composer Davis, Ramirez, Sherman
Album  Blossom Dearie
Label  Verve
Number  MGV 2031 Track 2
Duration  2.45
Performers Blossom Dearie, p, v; Herb Ellis, g; Ray Brown, b; Jo Jones, d. Sept 1956.


Artist  Graeme Bell
Title  Black and White Rag
Composer Botsford
Album  Big Walkabout in London
Label  Lake
Number  166 Track 20
Duration  2.43
Performers:  Graeme Bell, p; Bud Baker, bj; Lou Silbereisen, b; Johnny Sangster, d. Feb 1951.


Artist  Freddy Gardner
Title  The Dipsy Doodle
Composer Clinton
Album  Classic Years of Freddy Gardner
Label  Prestige Elite
Number  Track 22
Duration  2.57
Performers:  Billy Farrell, Norman Pyne, t; Ted Heath, Paul Fenhoulet, tb; Freddy Gardner, cl, as, ts; Frank Weir, Poggy Pogson, as; Pat Dodd, p; George Eliott, b; Sid Heiger, d. 17 Feb 1938