JRR 19 Sept

No Show next week owing to Wellcome Weekend. And JRR now starts at 4PM.


Artist                        Wingy Manone

Title                        My Honey’s Loving Arms

Composer            Meyer

Label                        Bluebird

Number            0-0801 Side A

Duration             2.39

Performers: Wingy Manone, t, v; Buck Scott, tb; Gus Fetterer, cl; Chu Berry, ts; Ernie Hughes, p; Zeb Julian, g; Sid Jacobs, b; Cozy Cole, d. 6 Sep 1939.



Artist                        Me Myself And I

Title                        Billie Holiday

Composer            Gordon, Roberts, Kaufman

Album                        The Lady Sings

Label                        Proper

Number            Properbox 26, CD 1 Track 25

Duration             2.30

Performers: Buck Clayton, t; Ed Hall, cl; Lester Young, ts; James Sherman, p; Freddie Green, g; Walter Page, b; Jo Jones, d; Billie Holiday, v. 15 June 1937.



Artist                        Alex Welsh

Title                        Stan’s Dance

Composer            Buck Clayton

Album                        It’s Right Here For You

Label                        Vocalion

Number            5321 CD 1 Track 10

Duration             3.31

Performers            Alex Welsh, c; Archie Semple, cl; Roy Crimmins, tb; Fred Hunt, p; Diz Disley, p; Bill Reid, b; Lennie Hastings, d. Sept 1960.



Artist                        Tommy Chase

Title                        Killer Joe

Composer            Golson

Album                        Groove merchant

Label                        Stiff

Number            SEEZ 66 Side 1 Track 3

Duration             4.37

Performers            Kevin Flanagan, ts; Mark Edwards, p; Martin Klute, b; Tommy Chase, d. 1987.



Artist                        Graham Collier

Title                        Aberdeen Angus

Composer            Collier

Album                        Down Another Road

Label                        BGO

Number            CD 767 CD 1 Track 4

Duration             6.02

Performers            Harry Beckett, t; Stan Sulzmann, ts; Nick Evans, tb; Karl Jenkins, p ob; Graham Collier, b; John Marshall. d. March 1969.



Artist                        Ella Fitzgerald

Title                        Someone To Watch Over Me

Composer            Gershwin

Album                        Romance and Rhythm

Label                        Proper

Number            Properbox 74 Cd 4 Track 21

Duration             3.18

Performers            Ellis Larkins, p, Ella Fitzgerald, v. 12 September 1950.



Artist                        Benny Goodman

Title                        Oh Baby

Composer            Murphy

Album                        Benny Goodman Plays Mel Powell

Label                        Hep

Number            1055 Track 23

Duration             7.54

Performers: Benny Goodman, cl; John Best, Bernie Privin, Nate Kazebier, Jimmy Blake, t; Lou McGarity, Cutty Cutshall, tb; Addison Collins, frh; Bill Shine, John Prager, Gish Gilbertson, Cliff Strickland, Danny Bank, reeds; Mel Powell, p; Johnny White, vib; Mike Bryan, g; Barney Spieler, b; Louis Bellson, d. 14 May 1946.



Artist                        John Taylor

Title                        White Magic

Composer            Taylor

Album                        Pause and Think Again

Label                        FMR

Number            CD24 L1295 Track2

Duration             8.00

Performers: Kenny Wheeler, t; Chris Pyne, tb; Stan Sulzmann, as, John Surman, ss; John Taylor, p; Chris Laurence, b; Tony Levin, d; Norma Winstone, v. 1971.



Artist                        Michael Janisch

Title                        Celestial Dictator

Composer            Janisch

Album                        Paradigm Shift

Label                        Whirlwind

Number            CD 1 Track 2

Duration             4.47

Performers: Paul Booth, reeds; Jason Palmer, t; Leonardo Genovese, kb; Michael Janisch, b; Colin Stranahan, d; Alex Bonney, electronics. 2015.



Artist                        Impossible Gentlemen

Title                        Ever After

Composer            Swallow

Album                        Internationally Recognised Aliens

Label                        Basho

Number            Track 8

Duration             9.15

Performers            Gwilym Simcock – Piano
Mike Walker – Guitar
Steve Swallow – Bass
Adam Nussbaum – Drums