JRR 21 Feb 15

JRR 21 02 15


Artist                       Tubby Hayes

Title                         Opus Ocean

Composer              Hayes

Album                     Seven Classic Albums

Label                      Real Gone

Number                  402 CD 3 Track 7

Duration             7.30

Performers: Tubby Hayes, ts; Clark Terry, t; Horace Parlan, p; George Duvivier, b; Dave Bailey, d. 1961.



Artist                        Shorty Rogers

Title                          Tale of an African Lobster

Composer                Rogers

Album                        Four Classic Albums

Label                         Avid

Number                    1041 CD 1 Track 9

Duration                3.27

Performers            Shorty Rogers, Conrad Gozzo, Maynard Ferguson, Tom Reeves, John Howell, t; Milt Bernhart, Harry Betts, John Halliburton, tb; John Graas, frh; Gene Englund, tu; Art Pepper, Bud Shank, Jimmy Giuffre, Bob Cooper, reeds, Marty Paich, p; Curtis Counce, b; Shelly Manne, d. 2 Apr 1953



Artist                        Muhal Richard Abrams

Title                          One for the Whistler

Composer                 Abrams

Album                        Blu Blu Blu

Label                        Black Saint

Number                   120117-2 Track 7

Duration             6.50

Performers: Jack Walrath, t; Alfred Patterson, tb; John Purcll, Robert DeBellis, Eugene Ghee, Patience Higgins, reeds; Mark Taylor, frh; Joe Daley, tu; Brad Jones, b; Muhal Richard Abrams, p; David Fiuczyinski, g; Thurman Barker, d; Joel Brandon, whistling, 1990



Artist                       Modern Jazz Quartet

Title                        The Queen’s Fancy

Composer              Lewis

Album                     The Quintessence

Label                      Fremeaux

Number                 FA 285 CD 1 Track 2

Duration             3.15

Performers           Milt Jackson, vib; John Lewis, p; Percy Heath, b; Kenny Clarke, d. 25 June 1953.




Artist                        Red and Miff’s Stompers (Red Nichols and Miff Mole)

Title                          Feelin’ No Pain

Composer               Livingston

Album                      Jazz City – New York

Label                        Marshall Cavendsih

Number                   CD 030 Track 2

Duration               3.12

Performers: Red Nichols, c; Miff Mole, tb; Pee Wee Russell, Fud Livingston, cl, ts; Lennie Hayton, p; Carl Kress, g; Jack Hansen, tu; Vic Berton, d, 12 Oct 1937



Artist                        Kid Ory

Title                        Creole Bobo

Composer              trad, arr Ory.

Album:                   The Complete Columbia Sessions 1946

Label:                      American Music (GHB/Jazzology)

Number                  CD 121

Duration                2.45

Performers: Mutt Carey, t; Kid Ory tb, v; Barney Bigard, cl; Buster Wilson, p; Bud Scott, g; Ed Garland, b; Minor Hall, d. 1946




Artist                        Jimmy McGriff

Title                           Round Midnight

Composer                Monk

Album                        I’ve Got a Woman

Label                        Sue

Number                    ILP 907 Side 1 Track 4

Duration                  5.45

Performers: Jimmy McGriff, org; Morris Dow, g; Jackie Mills, d. 1962.



Artist                        Caro Emerald

Title                          Stuck

Composer                Van Der Leeuw,

Album                        Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor

Label                        Dramatico

Number                   Track 9

Duration             4.33

Performers            Caro Emerald, v; Peter Huber, t; Arnoud De Graaf, Koen Schouten, reeds; Daan Herweg, p; Wieger Hoogendorp, g; David Schreurs, Jan Van Wieringen, d, perc, electronics. 2010.



Artist                        Ernestine Anderson / George Shearing

Title                        The Second Time Around

Composer              Cahn, Van Heusen

Album                     A Perfect Match

Label                        Concord

Number                 CJ 357 S 2 T 1

Duration             2.57

Performers: Ernestine Anderson, v; George Shearing, p; 1988




Artist                        Stan Kenton

Title                          What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life?

Composer                Bergman, LeGrand

Album                        Live at Brigham Young University

Label                         GNP Crescendo

Number                   STD 1039 Track 5

Duration                 5.49

Performers            Dennis Noday, Gary Pack, Jay Saunders, Joe Marcinkiewicz, Mike Vax, t; Dick Shearer, Graham Ellis, Fred Carter, Mike Jamieson, Mike Wallace, tb; Chuck Carter, Kim Frizell, Quin Davis, Richard Torres, Willie Maiden, reeds; Stan Kenton, p; Gary Todd, b; John Van Ohlen, d. 13 August 1971.



Artist                        Get The Blessing

Title                           Numbers

Album                        Lope and Antelope

Label                        Naim

Number                   Track 10

Duration             3.08

Performers: Jake McMurchie, reeds; Pete Judge, t; Jim Barr, b; Clive Deamer, d. 2014



Artist                        Mose Allison

Title                          I Don’t Worry About A Thing

Album                        Best of Mose Allison

Label                          Atlantic / Rhino

Number                    Track 1

Duration                 2.17

Performers: Mose Allison, v, p; Addison Farmer, b; Osie Johnson, d; 15 March 1962.